Land Of Nod’s Plush Ornaments

Milk And Cookies Plush OrnamentsI LOVE Land Of Nod’s adorable plush ornaments celebrating best friends. The best friends plush ornaments celebrate various terrific pairings, such as milk and cookies, all designed by Michelle Romo.

Hamburger And French Fries Christmas OrnamentsAll of the Christmas ornaments are wool with polyester filling and hang on cotton strings. The fun, kid-friendly, ornaments all feature cute faces.

Rainbow And Cloud Christmas Plush OrnamentsIn addition to the milk and cookies plush ornaments, Romo designed hamburger and fries, salt and pepper, and rainbow and cloud Christmas ornaments.

While these pairings would look great on one Christmas tree, they make may great gifts for pairs of best friends– such as your daughter and her best friend.

Fun Bright Color Christmas Garland

To say I’m ready for new Christmas ornaments would be an understatement. As I wait (patiently?) for new Christmas ornaments, I wanted to show off this bright color Christmas garland I found!  While this garland probably wouldn’t fit in that well on a classically decorated Christmas tree, it sure would look nice on a fun or child-focused Christmas tree!

Bright Color Christmas GarlandThe six foot long bright color Christmas garland measures six feet long. The fun garland features wool balls of various colors. Each of the colored wool balls is stuffed with polyester stuffing.

Personally, I feel like this bright color Christmas garland is both great for the merriest of seasons and for events throughout the year– possibly it could be used as baby shower, bridal shower, or other event decor.

Set of Four 9 Inch Tall Sock Monkey Ornaments

Set of 4 nine inch tall sock monkey ornamentsI love sock monkeys, and therefore we’ve featured a number of sock monkey ornaments this year including this glittery glass sock monkey ornament. This set of four  9 inch tall sock monkey ornaments will make a bold addition to any Christmas tree.

The four brightly colored and boldly patterned sock monkey ornaments (found here) each wear scarves and hang from attached ribbon loops.

These make great gifts or additions to large Christmas trees.

One purchaser of this tall sock monkey ornament set wrote:

These little guys (sock monkeys) are super cute! They are a must have!

Cute Cloth Flying Pig Ornaments

Light Blue and Pink Cloth Flying Pig OrnamentsWe’ve featured a few ornaments of flying pigs this year, including this ceramic flying pig ornament and this hot pink glass flying pig ornament. These cloth flying pig ornaments take a more demure, child-friendly take on the concept.

At under $10, these polka dot ornaments (found here) are a cute and inexpensive option.

Vintage Looking Stamp Cloth Ornaments

Vintage Looking Cloth Stamp OrnamentsButterfly Cotton Stamp OrnamentThese super affordable (currently under $3 each) stamp cloth ornaments make an incredibly fun, yet inexpensive, addition to your Christmas tree this year. The fun ornaments hang from jute cords.

The cotton ornament set features the following animals:

  • Butterfly (4 inches tall) found here
  • Deer (3.5 inches tall) found here
  • Giraffe (6 inches tall) found here
  • Owl (3.75 inches tall) found here
  • Squirrel (3.5 inches tall) found here

One individual who bought a stamp cloth ornament wrote:

I bought the lavender butterfly for a certain little girl who loves the color purple, but I might just have to buy the rest of the collection for a certain mother (me) who just loves the vintage feel of these lovely little animal ornaments!


Sock Monkey Ornament Set

Set of Sock Monkey OrnamentsWe’ve featured some other adorable sock monkey ornaments before including this glass glitter-coated sock monkey ornaments, and these smaller sock monkey ornaments. This sock monkey ornament set features two ornaments, each 7 inches tall.

The ornament set (found here) were made using a traditional knit pattern, then accented with red, green, and white trim.  They hang from beautiful red ribbons.

This ornament is a great gift for anyone who adores sock monkeys this Christmas.

Fun Felt Candy Cane Ornaments For Your Tree

Set of Felt Candy Cane OrnamentsWe have previously featured a few ornaments shaped like candy canes, including a Swarovski crystal candy cane ornament and these 76ers basketball candy cane ornaments. This felt candy cane ornament set is another great option, and may particularly appeal to families with younger children.

Felt Candy Cane OrnamentsThe ornaments (found here) are 4.5 inches tall. The set includes four red and white striped candy cane ornaments and four wintergreen and white felt ornaments.

Prior customers have written the following about this felt candy cane ornament set:

I love these Candy Canes Ornaments. The classic design makes them perfect for the holiday season. They can also be used as more than just ornaments. Hang them on door knobs around the house, along a mantel or banister, and tie a single candy cane to any gift for an added holiday treat. The set of 8 ornaments also come packaged just like real candy canes, how fun! You really can’t go wrong with this set of Christmas candy canes.

Cherry Topped Crocheted Cupcake Ornament

pink crocheted ornamentWe’ve featured a few other on-trend cupcake ornaments including this glass pink cupcake ornament. This crocheted cupcake ornament makes another affordable option for cupcake lovers.

The crocheted ornament (found here) was crafted by artisans in the Andes out of cotton with polyester fill. The cupcake’s pink frosting is decorated with cute, pastel beads.

This affordable ornament is a great option for cupcake lovers and other sweet-tooths.

Hilarious Microbe Ornament Christmas Tree Sets

Microbe Christmas Tree Ornament SetI learned about GIANTmicrobes today, and I have to say I am kind of obsessed.. While these microbe ornament sets may make some laugh, they may also offend others. I would consider them a great gift for science teachers, doctors, and others in the medical profession.

Christmas Tree Microbe Ornament Set

The Christmas tree ornament set (found here) includes plush common cold, brain cell, kissing disease, E. coli and the limited edition Red Amoeba, festively adorned with Christmas-y items such as a Santa hat, candy cane, mistletoe, reindeer antlers, and winter scarf.

wreath microbe ornament setWreath Microbe Ornament Set

The ornament set (here) coming in a wreath ornament includes a sore throat singing Christmas carols, white blood cell dressed as a snowman with top hat and carrot nose, stomach ache as a delicious gingerbread man, nerve cell with angel wings and halo, and a limited edition shimmering gold Amoeba!

Stocking Microbe Ornament Set

Stocking Box Microbe Ornament SetFinally, the ornaments (found here) contained in the red stocking microbe ornament set include festively adorned penicillin, salmonella, red blood cell, dust mite and limited edition Green Amoeba!


Fun Dressed Up Plush Fox Ornaments For Your Tree

Plush Fox OrnamentsPlush Fox OrnamentWe have featured another plush fox ornament before, but we have to admit to loving this affordable plush fox ornament couple.

Mrs Fox Ornament

The male fox (found here) is wearing an adorable yellow hat accented with a flower and a blue striped vest. His Mrs (found here) wears a fun sequin hair barrette and a cute ribbon accented dress.

Both ornaments are six inches tall, so they make a sizable fun statement on any tree (and may be too big for a smaller tree).