Simple Baby Print Keepsake Ornament

We’ve profiled a baby hand impression ornament kit before. I think baby print keepsake ornaments are a great idea for new moms and dads to make gifts that their family and friends will adore for years.

This baby print keepsake ornament kit allows you to have an ornament measuring approximately 5 inches in diameter for your loved ones.

affordable baby print keepsake ornament kit The baby print keepsake ornament kit includes:
  • Non-plaster impression material
  • A wooden rolling pin
  • A shaping ring
  • Three ribbons (grosgrain)
  • Hole punch

If you’re heading to a baby shower, you may want to add this easy to use kit to your gift– the new mom and dad can use the baby print keepsake ornament kit to capture their newborn baby’s footprint.

DIY Easter Ornament Kit- Makes Chicks And Bunnies

Bunny and Chick Easter Ornaments From Affordable DIY KitThis Easter ornament kit allows you to hang ornaments in your home this spring. The DIY kit makes eight Easter ornaments measuring about 3 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Half of the ornaments look like yellow chicks with adorable orange noses while the other half resemble white bunnies with cute pink noses and white whiskers.

The ornament kit includes:
  • Pre-cut shapes and papers
  • Googly Eyes
  • Wire
  • Twine
  • Templates
Contents of DIY Easter Ornament KitTo make the Easter ornaments you also need:
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Small glue dots
  • A glue stick

Adorable Book And DIY Angel Ornament Kit

DIY Angel Ornament Kit & BookThis DIY angel ornament kit, which comes with a beautifully illustrated book on how to use it, makes a wonderful gift for a young boy or girl interested in crafting their own ornaments this year. It makes a beautiful Christmas gift for any child.

The angel making kit (found here) includes step-by-step directions and craft supplies like wooden beads, beautiful fabric flower petals, and more!

This DIY angel kit will allow you to make 8 ornaments, which can be stored in the beautiful box.

Adorable and Fun Wood Ornament Kit for Kids

Wood Ornament Kit for KidsWe’ve featured a number of kits that allow children to make their own ornaments including this snowflake ornament kit and this owl ornament kit. This wood ornament kit for kids is another choice for your family this year.

The kit (found here) Santa Claus, Angel, and Snowman Shaped Ornaments, artist quality brushes, acrylic paint, stencils, and a painting guide. It is recommend for children six and up!

Cross Stitch Penguin Ornament Set

DIY Cross Stitch Penguin Ornament SetWe’ve featured a few penguin ornaments this winter including this cute ornaments featuring penguins playing sports and this penguin glass ball ornament. This DIY cross stitch penguin ornament set allows you to make six fun penguin ornaments for friends and loved ones this Christmas.

The DIY ornament kit (found here) includes a 14-count plastic canvas, cotton floss, needle, chart and directions. Each ornament produced in this Stitchery exclusive DIY kit is 3.75 to 4 inches tall.

Cute Kid Friendly OptiArt Snowflake Ornament Kit

OptiArt Snowflake Ornament KitWe’ve featured a few DIY ornament kits aimed at specifically at kids including these hand print impression kits and this reindeer coloring kit. This make your own OptiArt snowflake ornament kit is another great option for parents looking to entertain kids on a rainy or snowy day.

OptiArt Snowflake Ornament The kit (found here) provides eight chipboard snowflake ornaments for young kids to decorate with rhinestones, markers, and color-in foil stickers.

The kit includes envelopes so that you can mail the snowflake ornaments to your friends and family on your kids behalf. With that, this makes a great purchase if you want to help your young kids (ages 5 and up) make gifts for loved ones.

DIY Ornaments: Individualize Your Christmas Tree

For The Makers & Gilt City DIY Black and White Clay OrnamentsHaving a personal touch on your Christmas tree is key, so I wanted to summarize a few DIY ornament options that I decided to participate in this year!

Tomorrow, I’m taking a three hour Dabble class on glass blowing. During it, I’ll get to work with a glass artisan to make my own glass ball ornament to hang on our tree this year! If Dabble isn’t in your community, search for your local glass collaborative.

Gilt City & For The Makers DIY Geometric OrnamentsAlso, For the Makers (a high end craft subscription) and Gilt City have partnered, allowing you to order two different DIY ornament kits this winter.  I chose to get the black and white clay ornament kit, and they also have a DIY geometric ornaments kit.

I’m really excited to get to work on my Gilt City kit (which are only available until Thursday, November 21st).


Young Child Friendly Reindeer DIY Ornament Kit

DIY Reindeer Ornament KitWe have featured a few DIY ornament kits including this DIY felt owl ornament kit and this DIY paper mushroom and gnome kit. This reindeer DIY ornament kit is another great option, particularly for families with younger children.

The kit (found here) includes one 4.5 inch tall reindeer ornaments and three markers (in red, green, and yellow). This affordable kit (costing under two dollars) may be a great purchase for a preschool or anyone running a Christmas party for preschoolers.

Fun DIY Owl Ornament Kit For Your Family

DIY owl ornament kitSweet DIY Owl Ornament Kit for your familyAs Christmas nears, the weather turns for the worst.  We’ve featured a few on-trend owl ornaments including these brightly colored owl ornaments and this white and gold owl ornament. This kit allows you (and your kids) to make your own DIY owl ornaments.

The kit (found here) was made in the United States and comes with two felting needles, felting wool, and step-by-step directions. Recommended for kids 12 to 110, the kit will take 2-3 hours to make DIY owl ornaments ranging in height from 2-3 inches tall.  Individuals who have used the kit considered it an easy craft.

I recommend picking this up and filling a rainy or snowy days with crafting owl ornaments.

Make Your Own Mushroom & Gnome Paper Ornaments!

Mushroom and Gnome Paper Ornament Kit This kit allows you and your children to make twelve mushroom and gnome paper ornaments for your tree.

The kit includes:
  • pre-cut shapes
  • paper for templates
  • baker’s twine
  • stickers
Mushroom and Gnome Ornament Kit ContentsTo make the ornaments you also need:
  • 1/8″ super tape
  • glue stick
  • small glue dots
  • tape
  • scissors
  • 1/4″ hole punch
  • 1/8″ hole punch (optional)

The ornaments that the kid produces range in height from 6 inch tall gnomes to 4.25 inch tall mushrooms.  This kit can make a great rainy (or snowy day) activity for any family or group of friends.