Affordable Felt Bird Ornaments

Hat Wearing Felt Bird OrnamentThese felt bird ornaments make an affordable and fun addition to any Christmas tree. All three felt bird ornaments were designed by Suzy Ultman of Columbus, Ohio.

One of the cute ornament is a yellow bird wearing a tan hat, light blue and white striped top, and red bandanna.  Made in India, the bauble measures approximately 6 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide, and an inch deep.

Affordable Felt Peacock OrnamentAnother fun ornament was inspired by the peacock. The blue peacock, with green, white, and blue feathers, measures 4.25 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall.

Felt Bird Ornament Wearing Yellow Sun HatThe final bird, a white one, wears a yellow hat. Like the yellow bird, this ornament has cord-style legs. It is 3.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall. Like the other ornaments in this set, the cute ornament makes a fun addition to the tree of anyone, any age.

Pink Flamingo Ornament Made From Buri Fiber

Affordable Pink Flamingo Ornament Made From Buri Fiber

If you live in Florida, or wish you did, you might want to design a tropical themed Christmas tree this year. If your 2014 Christmas tree will have a tropical touch, this pink flamingo ornament makes a great addition. Made from Buri fiber, it adds a natural and fun touch to the tree.

At approximately six inches tall, the flamingo ornament easily stands-out even on the largest of trees. Meanwhile, the pink Christmas ornament is  an affordable option, at approximately $7.

One prior purchaser of the pink flamingo ornament wrote:

I collect flamingos and these are adorable. I put them on my tree and use them for “gift tags” on my pink and read Christmas presents. Who wouldn’t get a smile from these?

Tall Goofy Knit Gnome Ornament For Your Tree

knit gnome ornamentEarlier, we featured a kit that allows you to make your own mushroom and gnome ornaments.  If you don’t want to make your own ornaments, consider purchasing this knit gnome ornament.

The six inch tall wool gnome ornament (found here) was hand-crocheted in Peru. The ornaments come in both red and green, but you cannot control the color when ordering them.

Fair-Trade African Hut Ornaments

African Fiber Hut OrnamentsAfrican Fiber Hut OrnamentsThese African hut ornaments are three inches tall and are sold as a set of three ornaments with different red and pink colored roofs. The ornaments (found here) are fair-trade, eco-friendly, and made of sisal and banana fibers in Kenya.

One purchaser who had recently been to Africa wrote:

I had recently returned from a trip administering polio vaccinations in Ethiopia and enjoying a safari in Kenya when I saw these in the Crate and Barrel catalogue. I was pleased that they were fair trade products made by Kenyans and had to have them for my tree to always have a reminder of my African adventure. They are well constructed and will be treasured by me for years to come.

Natural Fiber Bicyclist Ornaments

Natural Fiber Bicyclist Ornaments

Natural Fiber Bicyclist Ornaments


These ornaments were handmade by women in Kenya as part of a fair trade program. All three version are 4.5″ tall and made of banana fiber and sisal.  One ornament features a single cyclist, the other a pair, and the final one features a pair with a baby.