Glitter Bacon Ornament For Christmas

Gold and Red Glitter Bacon Ornament Last year, I featured a skillet with eggs and bacon ornament and this bacon ornament. This glitter bacon ornament makes another great option for bacon-lovers this holiday season.

The glitter bacon ornament features gold-colored “fat” and red, glitter-y meat. The larger ornament measures approximately 4.5 inches tall. It hangs from your tree on a golden thread.

If you’re struggling to find a bacon-lover a Christmas gift this year, consider this tasty, fun, and glitter-y Christmas ornament featuring their favorite food.

Adorable Truck Ornament By Cody Foster

Green and Yellow Truck OrnamentI find these truck ornaments by Cody Foster absolutely adorable. They would make a great addition to a farm, truck, or vintage-themed Christmas tree this year. It features an older looking truck hauling an oversize gift.

Red and Light Green Truck Ornament For Vintage Christmas TreeThe truck ornament comes in two different colors– a red truck with a light blue gift or light green with a yellow gift.  Both colors of the vintage styled ornament appear to be dusted in snow.

The ornament is made of metal and measures approximately 2.5 inches, by 1 inch, by 1.5 inches. It can easily be wiped clean.

If I choose to have a vintage-themed tree this year, I will want to grab this ornament.

A Spicy Metal Chili Ornament

Metal Chili Ornament By Nambe For Southwestern Christmas in a gift boxI love food and cooking and love the idea of including your favorite foods on your family’s Christmas tree. This metal chili ornament, like the previously featured glass red onion ornament, is a great option.

Nambe Chili Ornament Hangs On Blue RibbonThe metal chili ornament hangs from a dark blue ribbon and comes in a dark blue gift box. A shimmering trinket, it was made from metal alloy.

If you are looking for a way to celebrate a trip to mexico, a love of spicy food, or the American Southwest, this may be the perfect Christmas ornament for you or a friend.

Golden Flying Pig Ornament

Golden Flying Pig OrnamentAt this point, I’ve featured enough flying pig ornaments you might think that I’m planning to have only flying pig ornaments on my own Christmas tree this year. The ornaments have included a fun Betsey Johnson hot pink flying pig ornament, cloth child-friendly fly pig ornaments, and finally a ceramic flying pig ornament. This golden flying pig ornament is another great option for those wishing to argue that pigs really do fly.

The ornament (found here) is 2.5 inches tall and hangs from a Christmas tree on a beautiful white ribbon. The wings on the ornament are wonderfully detailed making it a great addition to one’s tree.

Classic Personalized Santa Claus Photo Ornament

Personalized Santa Claus Photo OrnamentNothing is more fun than hanging pictures of your kids, your grandchildren, or other children you adore on your Christmas tree. Previously, we featured this ornament that doubles as a Christmas card to send to your loved ones. This Santa Claus photo ornament is a more traditional option for hanging a picture of your child on the tree.

Personalized Santa Claus Photo Ornament BoxThe personalized Santa Claus photo ornament (found here) is 4.13 inches tall and displays a photograph 1.37 inches in diameter. You can choose to have it hang from a red or green ribbon and add two lines of text (24 characters in total).

The ornament comes in a Christmas-y gift box, making it an easy gift to give to your friends or family.

Adorable Snowman Ornament Set

Growing up in California, I loved going to the mountains and making snowmen once or twice a year. This snowman ornament set, made from bells, is a fun addition to a whimsical Christmas tree.

The snowman ornament sets (found here) are 4.25 inches tall and feature spring noses, whimsical hats, and come with a gold string to hang them on your tree.  The ornaments were hand-painted and made from iron bells. The bells had stars punched out of them.

Purchasers of this snowman ornament set have written:

I am a sucker for cute Christmas decorations and these certainly caught my eye!! My grandkids will love the large bells when they see them. Great addition to my decorations.

Kate Spade Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter Ornament

Christmas tree cookie cutter ornamentSay happy holidays with a friend who loves Kate Spade’s modern designs or love to bake cookies with this Christmas tree cookie cutter ornament!

Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter OrnamentThe ornament (found here) is 3.75 inches tall and made of metal. Like most of Kate Spade’s work, it’s simple yet elegant and fun so it will fit in on any Christmas tree.

Wonka Candy Ornaments

To be honest, candy is one of the few things that makes me even happier than Christmas. With these two loves, I enjoy giving candy filled ornaments as Christmas gifts.  To that end I’ve previously featured Godiva filled ornaments and gummy bear packed ball ornaments. However, if you need to buy a wide number of candy filled ornaments, these Wonka candy ornaments make a great option.

Wonka Candy OrnamentsThe Wonka candy ornaments (found here) are 2.75 inches in diameter and contain Sweet Tarts or Nerds.  The ornaments only cost a dollar, but you have to buy 32 of them. These might be a great option for someone throwing a party, or with TONS of distant relatives!

Sweet Joy, Noel & Peace Jingle Bell Ornaments

Peace Bell Ornament

Joy Jingle Bell OrnamentLove the musical side of Christmas? Then these jingle bell ornaments may be a great addition to your Christmas tree.

Noel OrnamentThe golden ornaments spell out Joy, Noel, or Peace (found here) are 5.25 inches tall and were made of iron in India. The ornaments are great to use ornaments on your tree, on your mantle or as part of a beautiful and fun Christmas wreath.

Bling Bling with this Engagement Ring Ornament

Engagement Ring OrnamentIf a friend of yours recently got engaged, or you have a friend obsessed with over the top engagement rings, this affordable engagement ring ornament may make a great gift!

The affordable ornament (found here) is 3.15 inches tall including a sizable “diamond”, so it makes a great addition to any Christmas tree. The featured ring looks like a silver band and it hangs from a dark red ribbon.