Affordable Guitar Ornament Set

Fans of rock and roll will love this guitar ornament set. The guitar ornament set features four ornaments, all about three inches tall. Made of resin, the guitars are black and white, red and white, yellow, and blue. At under $7 for the set of four ornaments, this is a terrific deal.

One prior purchaser of the guitar ornament set wrote:

If I wanted the Fabrege Egg equivalent of a guitar ornament I’d save up and commission one. Given the price, how cool they look and feel, that they include a blue bass (for me), and that they made the boy’s day, I’d say they are perfect. I actually thought they were hand-painted, hand-cut and sanded wood until I read another review stating they are resin. I couldn’t tell and I don’t care. That they made a kid happy and look good on his tree is all that matters to me. They do feel substantial and I assume they will last many years.

Inexpensive Guitar Ornament SetNote: Amazon Prime members can get free shipping on this fun set (and other products). If you’re not an Amazon Prime member and want to use the site for Christmas shopping, I highly recommend doing a free thirty day trial.

Rockette Ornament By Kurt Adler

Rockette Ornament By Kurt AdlerLast year we featured Kurt Adler’s drum-shaped Rockette ornament. This year’s Rockette ornament makes another fun addition to the Christmas tree of a New York or Rockette fan.

Designed by Adler, the Rockette ornament measures six inches tall– so it’s a terrific addition to a larger Christmas tree. The fun ornament was made of Resin and features four Rockettes doing their signature kick-line.  Each Rockette wears a fun, sparkly jacket.

Mushu Shoe Ornament Inspired By Mulan

Mushu Shoe Ornament Featuring Artist's SignatureLast year, we featured a great number of Disney’s shoe ornaments. This Mushu shoe ornament is a great addition to the collection and makes a great gift for fans of Mulan. Across the ornament are great details including Dragon-inspired scales, gold and pearl like designs, and the ornament has Mushu wrapped around its heel.

Side View of Mulan Inspired Mushu Shoe OrnamentThe Mushu shoe ornament was designed by Costa Alavesos and the bottom of the shoe was signed by the artist. Like other Disney shoe ornaments, the Mushu shoe ornament was made from Resin and measures approximately 3.25 inches tall. While the red shoe ornament can stand-alone on a shelf, it comes with an ivory satin ribbon to hang it on your tree.

Oh So Affordable Origami Santa Claus Ornaments

Origami Santa Claus OrnamentsOrigami Santa Claus Holding a Christmas TreeOrigami is totally cute, and these origami Santa Claus ornaments aren’t just cute but also incredibly affordable. All of these ornaments cost under $3, making them an incredible value this Christmas season. So that you can hang them from your Christmas tree, they come with white ribbons.

Sledding Origami Santa Claus Ornament

  • The origami Santa bauble featuring Santa Claus holding a Christmas tree (found here) is just under 3.15 inches tall.
  • Origami Santa Claus Ornament-- with Santa Claus carrying giftsThe sledding Santa ornament (found here) features Santa Claus riding down a hill on a white sled and is 3 inches tall.
  • The origami Santa Claus ornament featuring Santa Claus carrying a sack of presents (found here) is nearly 3.4 inches tall.

All of these origami Santa Claus ornaments are terrific inexpensive purchases and could be used to decorate a Christmas gift.

Prior purchasers of these origami Santa Claus ornaments have written:

Lovely detailed ornament – just what I wanted to add to my little Santa tree collection

Adorable Wintry 2013 Downhill Skiing Goofy Ornament

Skiing Goofy OrnamentSkiing Goofy OrnamentDisney ornaments make a childish and fun addition to one’s Christmas tree. We’ve featured two ornaments previously that featured, or alluded to Goofy. This San Francisco cable car ornament includes Goofy and a few of his friends, including Mickey and Daffy Duck. And Mr Potato Head dons Goofy’s signature hat in this Disney-themed Mr and Mrs Potato Head ornament. This skiing goofy ornament is another fun option for those looking to feature Disney ornaments on their Christmas tree this winter.

Skiing Goofy OrnamentThe Disney resin bauble (found here) features a smiling Goofy tipping his hat as he skis down a sparkly base. It is four inches tall and can be placed on a shelf or hang from your Christmas tree thanks to its red satin ribbon. The ornament, based on Disney Store artist sketchbooks, was hand-painted.

Prior purchasers of this skiing Goofy ornament have written:

I bought this for my son for Christmas and he absolutely loved it! It looks just like the picture. I was very pleased.

As soon as I opened this ornament, I was smiling as I was thinking of Goofys cartoon, “The Art Of Ski-ing” from his How To….series. It is so detailed, and just beautiful!!!! Goes well with the Donald and Nephews sleigh ornament, highly recommended!!!!

Great Gift: Cute Personalized Ballerina Ornament

Light Pink Personalized Ballerina OrnamentThis seven inch tall personalized ballerina ornament makes a beautiful and fun gift for a young girl learning ballet.

The resin ballet ornament (found here) features a tutu and light pink roses and can be customized with a 9 character name.

Purchasers of this personalized ballerina ornament wrote:

I was pleased that these ornaments come exactly how they look in the magazine and aren’t “cheap”…….they are very sturdy, yet delicate, and I ordered one for each of my little toddler ballerinas…….precious with their names on there! Highly recommended for all of the little ballerinas out there……..thank you!

My 5 year old granddaughter is just getting involved in ballet, so this ornament was just perfect for her. She loved it!

John Wayne Christmas Ornament– Celebrate His Films

Fun Christmas John Wayne ornamentIf you’re looking for an ornament for someone who grew up on John Wayne’s classic films, consider this John Wayne Christmas ornament.

The ornament (found here) is made of resin and is 4.5 inches tall. It features John Wayne in Western-garb holding a rifle in his hand.

A Great Gift: Fun Personalized Teacher Ornament

Fun Personalized Teacher OrnamentOrnaments are a great way to celebrate your child’s teacher this Christmas.  We’ve featured a few other teacher gift ornaments including this teacher apple ornament, this yellow ball ornament, and more found here. This fun personalized teacher ornament featuring various teacher tools (rulers, etc) is another great option.

The resin ornament (found here) is 2.25 inches tall. It can be personalized with the name of your child’s teacher– up to 16 characters long. It features rules, pencils, and other tools used by teachers on a daily basis by teachers. These tools are used to spell out A+ teacher on this fun personalized teacher ornament. The ornament hangs from a beautiful red ribbon.

Red, Silver, and Green Poinsettia Cupcake Ornaments

Green Poinsettia Cupcake OrnamentWe’ve featured a few cupcake ornaments before including this set of miniature cupcake ornaments, a crocheted cupcake ornament, and a glass cupcake ornament topped with pink frosting. These poinsettia cupcake ornaments are another tasty addition to your Christmas tree, and are more seasonal than the other cupcake ornaments we have featured.

Silver Poinsettia Cupcake OrnamentThe ornaments (found here) are 3.5 inches tall and made from polyresin and marble dust. Both hand-cast and hand-painted, so each one is slightly unique.

Red Poinsettia OrnamentThe ornaments come in a reusable and protective gift box, making it easy to give these cupcake ornaments to a friend who loves to bake.

Very Cute WALL-E Christmas Ornament For Your Tree

WALL-E Christmas OrnamentWe loved the movie WALL-E and similarly adore this WALL-E Christmas ornament.
The resin ornament (found here), which features WALL-E and EVE trying to hang Christmas lights, is just under 3 inches tall. It hangs on a red satin ribbon and detailed with glitter.

Purchasers of this WALL-E Christmas ornament have written:

I ordered this for my grandson and had it mailed to my daughter-in-law at work because they live out of town. She said it is really cute, and she’s sure her son will love it!
This ornament is so adorable and the details are amazing. I love the ornament and can’t wait to give it to my husband.