More Simpsons Ornaments

Previously, we profiled this Homer Simpson in Lights ornament. In this post, we will feature other Simpsons ornaments you can purchase this winter.

Homer Simpson Santa

Homer Simpson Santa

Simpsons Ornament: Santa Homer

This 3.75″ tall ornament features Homer as Santa Claus handing out his favorite gift– Duff beer. The fun ornament is composed of polyresin.

Maggie's Candy Cane

Maggie’s Candy Cane

Simpsons Ornament: Maggie’s Candy Cane

This ornament features the youngest of the Simpson clan in a glittery candy cane striped onesie holding a candy cane. This ornament is shorter than the Santa Homer at 2.75″ tall.

Homer in Gift

Homer in Gift

 Simpsons Ornament: Homer In Gift

This 3.5″ tall ornament features Homer inside a sparkly Christmas gift holding a beloved Duff beer. Homer wears a Santa hat and a tag, showing that the gift he popped out of was intended for marge.

Lisa's New Dress

Lisa’s New Dress

Simpsons Ornament: Lisa’s New Dress

In this ornament, Lisa opens a present to find the same red sparkly dress she always wears. The ornament of a slightly upset Lisa is 3″ tall.

Homer's Donut Garland

Homer’s Donut Garland

Simpson’s Ornament: Homer’s Donut Garland

This 3.5″ ornament features Homer dressed in a sparkly Santa Claus suit with a garland of lights and his favorite food– frosted donuts.

Marge Has a Gift

Marge Has a Gift

Simpson’s Ornament: Marge Has a Gift

This ornament features Marge decked out with a garland of ornaments in her glittery blue hair. She is walking, with a red gift in her hands.


Bart The Angel

Bart The Angel

Simpson’s Ornament: Bart the Angel

Finally, this ornament features Bart in a sparkly red shirt shooting his slingshot while wearing angel wings and a halo. The ornament is 3.5″ tall and perfect for a Simpson’s fan.

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