Giraffe Featuring Africa Safari Christmas Ornament

Africa Safari Christmas OrnamentAre you looking to craft an African safari themed Christmas tree? If so, we’ve already reviewed some ornaments I recommend you grab including this Lion King on Broadway ornament (assuming you have a large tree) and these cute fair-trade African hut ornaments. This Africa safari Christmas ornament makes another beautiful option for someone looking to create a safari on their tree or celebrate a trip to Africa.

African Safari Christmas OrnamentThe Africa safari Christmas ornament (found here) is a beautiful red glass suitcase. It is 2 inches tall and features a giraffe on the front and African huts on the back.

This ornament makes a terrific gift for a friend who always talks about planning a trip to Africa.

Prior purchasers of this Africa safari Christmas ornament have written:

I have been shopping for unique ornaments for my world travel themed Christmas tree. I am picky and did not want tacky, plastic type ornaments for my tree. This is lovely and substantial. It is about 2.5 inches tall, 3.5 inches in length and about an inch in width. The opposite side features Masaai huts. The hand painting and detail is spectacular. I love the glitter too – just the right amount!

Love this ornament! Will be a nice keepsake for our African visit.

Fair-Trade African Hut Ornaments

African Fiber Hut OrnamentsAfrican Fiber Hut OrnamentsThese African hut ornaments are three inches tall and are sold as a set of three ornaments with different red and pink colored roofs. The ornaments (found here) are fair-trade, eco-friendly, and made of sisal and banana fibers in Kenya.

One purchaser who had recently been to Africa wrote:

I had recently returned from a trip administering polio vaccinations in Ethiopia and enjoying a safari in Kenya when I saw these in the Crate and Barrel catalogue. I was pleased that they were fair trade products made by Kenyans and had to have them for my tree to always have a reminder of my African adventure. They are well constructed and will be treasured by me for years to come.