Whimsical Reindeer Ornament

Whimsical Reindeer Ornament We’ve featured a few reindeer ornaments previously, including this funky ceramic ball ornament, this LEGO ornament, and a baby’s first Christmas ornament. But, we think that this whimsical reindeer ornament, focused on Rudolph is the most mature and whimsical of the bunch.

The ornament (found here) is four inches tall and crafted by glass artist Bandhu Dunham, a Princeton alum.

Prior purchasers of the whimsical reindeer ornament have written:

We received this as a gift from friends this holiday season. We’re enchanted with the reindeer and in awe of the workmanship. This darling reindeer will give us great pleasure not only this season but for many holiday seasons to come.