Skillet Ornament Stuffed with Eggs and Bacon

Glistening Glass Skillet OrnamentPreviously, we featured a sizzling bacon ornament, which is sadly now sold out. This comical skillet ornament is another great way for breakfast lovers to celebrate delicious bacon (and eggs!)

The affordable and fun skillet ornament (found here) is made of glass and is 8 inches tall, so it may be too big for a smaller tree but it will make a very fun sizable addition to a bigger Christmas tree. The hand-crafted skillet in the bauble contains two eggs and two glitter dusted pieces of bacon.

Purchasers of this tasty skillet ornament have written:

Larger than expected. Lots of fun! 🙂

Sizzlingly Sweet Bacon Ornament For A Tasty Tree

bacon ornament

bacon ornament
The only thing that makes me happier than a merry Christmas is a bacon-accented breakfast. To that end, I’m thrilled that a sparkly, large bacon ornament exists.

The breakfast meat ornament (found here) is 6.75 inches tall so it’ll make a delicious statement on a Christmas tree of any size. The ornament is made of hand-blown glass, metal, and some textiles.

At under $15, this ornament is a great deal.

UPDATE: While ModCloth is out of thi ornament, another bacon Christmas ornament can be found here.