Affordable Collegiate Santa Ornaments

Iowa Hawkeyes Affordable Collegiate Santa OrnamentYour Christmas tree should celebrate what you love in life and these affordable collegiate Christmas ornaments make a great way to celebrate your alma mater. While I didn’t attend Iowa, my boyfriend and my parents did, so I see the Iowa Hawkeyes version as a great addition to our Christmas tree this year. In addition, we’d probably get a University of Nebraska ornament, as I am a huge Huskers fan.

The Santa-featuring ornaments measure 4.5 inches in diameter and are made of glass. They feature Santa Claus standing next to a tree decked out with the college’s colors and a larger ornament bearing its logo.

The affordable collegiate ornaments are available in 32 different styles including:
  • University of Nebraska Affordable Collegiate Christmas OrnamentAuburn University
  • Louisiana State University
  • Michigan State University
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Michigan
  • University of North Carolina


Black and White Kate Spade Ornaments

Horizontal Black and White Stripe Christmas Ornament By Kate SpadeIf you love Kate Spade, you’ll adore these black and white Kate Spade Christmas ornaments on your Christmas tree. Each features a different design and ribbon color. All of them are adorned with Kate Spade’s spade emblem.

The horizontal striped Christmas ornament features a red ribbon. Like the other ornaments, the ball ornament measures 2.5 inches in diameter.

Gold, Black, and White Christmas Ornament

Featuring a bright pink ribbon, the black, white, and gold black and white Kate Spade ornament is both classic and modern. The round bauble is made of porcelain.

Polka Dot Black and White Christmas OrnamentPolka dots are in style this year, and are classic, fun, and flirty. With a darker pink ribbon, this Christmas ornament makes a great addition to any Christmas tree.

Fa La La La Black and White Kate Spade Christmas OrnamentFinally the Fa La La La Christmas ornament features the Christmas-y saying in a fun font. The black and white ornament can hang from your Christmas tree on a green ribbon.

Fun I Love You To The Moon And Back Ornament

I Love You To The Moon And Back OrnamentProclaim “I love you to the moon and back” with this adorable light pink ornament.

The pink porcelain ornament (found here) is 3.25 inches in diameter and is accented with a painted red heart, yellow moon, and blue bird. Atop the ornament is a metal hook of approximately five inches in height which is decorated with beautiful beads.

This ornament is a really fun gift for a young daughter, or other female relative!

Unbelievably Affordable Paper Christmas Ornaments

Paper Christmas OrnamentsIf you are looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your Christmas tree, or want to embellish wrapped gifts, these paper Christmas ornaments may do just the trick.

The set of three paper Christmas ornaments (found here) costs under $2. The ornaments are about 6 inches tall and come in three different designs!

These ornaments are a beautiful way to quickly, whimsically, and cheaply decorate your Christmas tree.

Fun Handmade Ball Ornament Made in Kashmir

Handmade Ball Ornament from KashmirThis handmade ball ornament does a terrific job of representing the folk art of Kashmir, where it was made and painted by artisans. Represented on the ball ornament are animals including a giraffe.

At under $6, the 3 inch tall paper-mache ball ornament (found here) makes a brightly colored addition to your Christmas tree this winter.

The ornament hangs on a hot pink cord accented by a fun tassel.

Nano Ornament– Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer

Nano OrnamentPlease your computer adoring daughter or son with an affordable Nano ornament (found here) this Christmas!

Nano OrnamentWhat’s a Nano? The Nano is a small, collectible, micro robotic creature that uses the physics of vibration to propel forward and explore its environment. It is powered by a tiny motor, and 12 fixed, angular legs, the industrious critter traverses the ground beneath it and quickly navigates through the most complex mazes.

The Nano, which features reindeer antlers and comes inside a ball ornament, making it a great option as a stocking stuffer or ornament.

Beautiful Personalized Lacrosse Ornament

Personalized Lacrosse OrnamentIf you’re looking to celebrate your favorite lacrosse player, be that your son, daughter, or a coach, consider this personalized lacrosse ornament this Christmas.

Hand-Painted Lacrosse OrnamentThe glass ball ornament (found here) is 3 inches tall and comes in a gift box with a 5.5 inch tall stand. The lacrosse ornament can be personalized with one’s jersey color, jersey number, and one’s name.

The glass ornaments are made in the United States and hand-painted in Charleston, South Carolina.

Classical Snowflake Porcelain Ball Ornament

Taupe Snowflake Porcelain Ball OrnamentThis snowflake porcelain ball ornament (found here) makes a beautiful gift and comes in a lovely gift box. The taupe ornament is three inches tall, so its a height that works on any Christmas tree.

The ornament is based on 18th century designs and comes with a ribbon to hang it on your or a friends’ Christmas tree this winter.

Neon Ball Ornament Set

Neon Ball Ornament SetThis neon ball ornament set is absolutely adorable. The brightly colored ornaments were inspired by wall paper and feature polka dot, zigzag, wavy, and lined patterns.

Set of neon ball ornamentsThe ornament set (found here) is made of paper-mache, so its safe to hang low on a tree if you have kids who love their bright colors. They are 3 inches tall and were hand-painted, so every ornament is unique.

Celebrate Winter With This Guinness Ball Ornament

People drink during the holidays for a variety of reasons. We’ve featured a few alcohol friendly ornaments this winter…. This Guinness ball ornament is another great option if you’re looking to celebrate beer, or other alcohol this Christmas.

Guinness Ball Ornament Featuring the Guinness ToucanThe glass ball ornament (found here) is 3.5 inches in diameter and hangs on a beautiful red ribbon. The bauble features the Guinness Toucan standing atop snow and holding mistletoe in his mouth in a snowstorm. Above him “It’s Guinness Time!” is written.

This ornament comes in a beautiful black box, making it a great gift for a beer lover in your life!