Sports Fans Will Enjoy 76ers Candy Cane Ornaments

76ers Candy Cane OrnamentsAs an avid NBA fan growing up, I get the thrill of celebrating your favorite basketball team on your Christmas tree this winter. If you are a 76ers fan, this set of 76ers candy cane ornaments may be a great option for your tree this year.

The plastic candy cane ornaments (found here) are 5.25 inches tall, so they will stand out on any Christmas tree. The ornaments, which feature the 76ers logo, sell for under $13 for six ornaments, making them an affordable option for someone wanting to decorate a large tree.

Prior purchasers of the 76ers candy cane ornaments have written:

Bought these for our Christmas tree this year…they haven’t made it out of the box yet but seem like good quality. A little bigger than I thought they would be..about the size of a regular candy cane.

Large Lakers Gnome Ornaments For Your FunTree

Lakers gnome ornamentsLakers fans, or those who were Lakers fans back in the Kobe and Shaq days will enjoy these large Lakers gnome ornaments.

The glazed resin ornaments (found here) are 7 inches tall, so they may be too big for some Christmas trees. The set features three gnomes dressed as Lakers players and fans.