Beautiful Kate Spade Christmas Ornament

We love Kate Spade’s classic style. During the 2013 Christmas season we featured a cookie cutter inspired Kate Spade Christmas ornament. For the 2014 Christmas season, this Kate Spade Christmas ornament makes a classic, yet thrilling, addition to any Christmas tree.

Gold Plate And Crystal Kate Spade Christmas OrnamentHanging from a black ribbon, the gold plate and crystal ornament measures 2.75 inches in diameter. The shimmery bauble is topped with Kate Spade’s signature spade shaped charm.

With such a classic style, I would recommend this ornament for anyone wanting a gold-themed traditional Christmas ornament. As it is not over powering, this Christmas ornament should work on any Christmas tree– making it a great gift.

Beautiful Christopher Radko Gardening Pail Ornament

Gardening Pail OrnamentChristopher Radko has produced some of our favorite ornaments this year including this collaboration with Law & Order actress Mariska Hargitay and this fun UFO ornament. We think Radko’s gardening pail ornament is another great offering this Christmas.

The glass ornament (found here) is 5.5 inches tall, so it will make a sizable addition to a gardener’s Christmas tree this winter.  It features a light blue and gold gardening pail stocked full with flowers and butterflies and was dusted in glitter.

Golden Radko Classic Nutcracker Ornament

Classic Nutcracker OrnamentPreviously, we have featured some whimsical Nutcracker ornaments aimed at young families. This classic Nutcracker ornament makes a great addition to a more formal Christmas tree.

Made by Christopher Radko, this glass Nutcracker ornament is 4 inches tall. The glass ornament (found here) was crafted exclusively for Bloomingdale’s.

Celebrating the classic ballet, this may make a great gift for a friend who danced the play as a child.

Christmas Colored San Francisco Santa Ornament

San Francisco Santa ornamentPreviously, we have featured a few of ornament celebrating the fantastic city of San Francisco including this cute cable car ornament.

Today, we feature this San Francisco Santa ornament (found here). The green, white, red, and gold five inch tall ornament in the shape of Santa Claus features images of San Francisco tourist attractions including Chinatown and the famed Full House houses.

The fun handmade ornament comes in a black lacquer box with an image identifying the ornament, making it a great gift for friends and family if you visited San Francisco this year.

Silver Beautiful Beaded Ball Ornament

Glass Silver Beaded Ball OrnamentThis glass silver ornament is accented by beautiful silver sparkles. The ornament is 3 inches tall and will fit in well at a wonderfully classically decorated Christmas tree. At under $15, it is an affordable purchase that could fit in with more expensive ornaments.

One purchaser of this beaded ball ornament wrote:

This ornament is elegant, sparkly, and pretty! I love it!

Play Tourist With This Big Apple Taxi Ornament

Big Apple Taxi OrnamentThe City that Never Sleeps is also never boring.  So one can celebrate a trip to New York City with this fun Big Apple taxi ornament.

The glass ornament, found here, is 3.75 inches tall. An abstract version of the New York City skyline and an apple are painted onto this taxi cab ornament. The handmade ornaments come in beautiful black lacquered box.

This ornament is the furthest thing from boring, and is perfect for a fashionista dreaming of a trip to New York City.

Pink Dog Topped Hollywood Tour Bus Ornament

Hollywood Tour Bus Ornament

Candy Spelling & Dog Maddie Source: Examiner

We have featured a few ornaments celebrating the great state of California including this California shaped ornament and this glittery Hollywood sign ornament. While those are great ornaments, I have yet to find a more fun ornament to celebrate the celebrity filled state than this four inch tall Hollywood tour bus ornament.

To add even more celebrity fact to the tour bus featured on the ornament (found here), the bauble is topped by dogs wearing star shaped sunglasses. The largest dog is Maddie, Candy Spelling’s dog. I’d buy this ornament for any friend who spends their spare change buying celebrity gossip magazines.

Anglophile Friendly Beautiful Double Decker Bus Ornament

double decker bus ornament

Previously, we featured an ornament celebrating London’s phone booths. Anglophiles will also enjoy this red double decker bus ornament.

Celebrating the double decker bus, which originated as the horse-drawn “Omnibus” of the 1840’s, this double decker ornament is three inches tall. This ornament was made in Poland and features silver glitter.

Beautiful Ruby Red Heart Ornament

Beautiful Ruby Red Heart Ornament.
At 3 inches in height, this ruby red heart ornament is a great addition to a Christmas tree. The ornament (here) is relatively affordable compared to most crystal ornaments at $25.  The heart ornament comes with a red ribbon to hang it on your, or a loved one’s tree.
One prior purchaser wrote the ornament is:
“superb! (and) adds great warmth to the christmas tree!!!!”

Sparkly Iconic Chicago Theater Sign Ornament

Chicago Theater Sign OrnamentI love the city of Chicago and previously, we featured this shopping bag Chicago ornament. If you want to remember a trip to Chicago for something other than shopping this, Chicago theater sign ornament (here) may be a great option.  The glass ornament is tall at 5.5 inches and accented with gold and white glitter. It can easily be wiped clean.