Pink Dog Topped Hollywood Tour Bus Ornament

Hollywood Tour Bus Ornament

Candy Spelling & Dog Maddie Source: Examiner

We have featured a few ornaments celebrating the great state of California including this California shaped ornament and this glittery Hollywood sign ornament. While those are great ornaments, I have yet to find a more fun ornament to celebrate the celebrity filled state than this four inch tall Hollywood tour bus ornament.

To add even more celebrity fact to the tour bus featured on the ornament (found here), the bauble is topped by dogs wearing star shaped sunglasses. The largest dog is Maddie, Candy Spelling’s dog. I’d buy this ornament for any friend who spends their spare change buying celebrity gossip magazines.

Glitter Accented Hollywood Sign Ornament

Hollywood Sign Ornament

Looking to buy an ornament for a friend who dreams of moving to Hollywood and becoming a big celebrity? Or someone who knows every line from every movie? We have previously featured a California ornament, but this Hollywood sign ornament could also be a great gift for them.

The ornament (here) is five inches wide and about one inch in height and was designed by Los Angeles designer Jo Ellen. The gold ornament is accented with silver glitter and was hand-blown and painted in Poland.

State of California Christmas Ornament

State of California Christmas Ornament

State of California Christmas Ornament

This tall (6″) ornament celebrates the state of California from the Golden Gate Bridge in Northern California’s San Francisco to Hollywood and beaches of Los Angeles in Southern California. The ornament is made of molded glass and decked out in a wide variety of colors of glitter.