Beautiful Peppermint Glitter Ornament

Glitter Peppermint OrnamentThis peppermint glitter ornament will stand out on your Christmas tree this year. Each of the glass ornaments were hand-blown and then decorated over a seven day period. Primarily red and white, the ornament also features green and gold glitter.
If you don’t think this peppermint glitter ornament fits with your Christmas tree, it is packaged in a beautiful lacquered box. Therefore, it may make a great Christmas gift for any family member or friend.

Fun Felt Candy Cane Ornaments For Your Tree

Set of Felt Candy Cane OrnamentsWe have previously featured a few ornaments shaped like candy canes, including a Swarovski crystal candy cane ornament and these 76ers basketball candy cane ornaments. This felt candy cane ornament set is another great option, and may particularly appeal to families with younger children.

Felt Candy Cane OrnamentsThe ornaments (found here) are 4.5 inches tall. The set includes four red and white striped candy cane ornaments and four wintergreen and white felt ornaments.

Prior customers have written the following about this felt candy cane ornament set:

I love these Candy Canes Ornaments. The classic design makes them perfect for the holiday season. They can also be used as more than just ornaments. Hang them on door knobs around the house, along a mantel or banister, and tie a single candy cane to any gift for an added holiday treat. The set of 8 ornaments also come packaged just like real candy canes, how fun! You really can’t go wrong with this set of Christmas candy canes.

Sports Fans Will Enjoy 76ers Candy Cane Ornaments

76ers Candy Cane OrnamentsAs an avid NBA fan growing up, I get the thrill of celebrating your favorite basketball team on your Christmas tree this winter. If you are a 76ers fan, this set of 76ers candy cane ornaments may be a great option for your tree this year.

The plastic candy cane ornaments (found here) are 5.25 inches tall, so they will stand out on any Christmas tree. The ornaments, which feature the 76ers logo, sell for under $13 for six ornaments, making them an affordable option for someone wanting to decorate a large tree.

Prior purchasers of the 76ers candy cane ornaments have written:

Bought these for our Christmas tree this year…they haven’t made it out of the box yet but seem like good quality. A little bigger than I thought they would be..about the size of a regular candy cane.

Edible Candy Cane Ornaments

Candy Cane OrnamentsChristmas Tree shaped Candy Cane OrnamentThese ornaments make the perfect addition to any Christmas tree because while they look like a classically beautiful ornament, these candy cane ornaments are edible.

Made by Hammond’s Candies in Denver, the peppermint candy cane ornaments come as a four inch tall tree shape (here) topped by a red bow. You can also buy a 2.5 inch in diameter circle candy ornament (found here) in cinnamon or peppermint.

circle candy ornamentsThe ornaments were made in the United States and come with a card explaining how they relate to items in the Smithsonian’s collection.

Sparkling Swarovski Candy Cane Ornament

Swarovski Candy Cane Ornament

Earlier, we featured another Swarovski ornament– focused on Minnie Mouse. If your family isn’t so Disney focused, but wants to add some fun sparkle to your tree, I recommend this Swarovski candy cane ornament.

The ornament (here) is just under 2 inches tall at 1 7/8 inches, so it is smaller than many ornaments. The red and clear ornament was designed by Verena Castelein and is adorned by a yellow star.

Manchester City Candy Cane Ornament Six Pack

Manchester City Candy Cane Ornament Six Pack

Manchester City Candy Cane Ornament Six Pack

Most probably won’t want this six pack of ornaments, but for a Manchester City fan, they might be just the right set of ornaments. Plus, at 66 cents an ornament, the price could be right for a bargain hunter.