A Perfect Gift: Philosophy Purity Ornament

Philosophy Purity Ornament This clear Philosophy Purity ornament (found here) is trimmed with a red scalloped cap. It contains a three ounce container of the company’s facial cleanser. The ornament is set up to be a gift with an already made gift tag attached.

Sample reviews of the Philosophy Purity Ornament include:

The Purity Made Simple Ornament made a nice Secret Santa gift. Purity Made Simple can work well as part of a Philosophy Skin care line, and it works well with the different skin line that I’m using. I like thahow it cleans my skin of product, clears my pores and leaves my skin well hydrated. It takes barely a minute, and my skin is clean of surface pollutants and contaminants, all done gently. Purity Made Simple is also good for travel, when I don’t want to tote along a lot of products.
Got this for my daughter for stocking stuffer. She uses the cleanser daily and loves the way it removes makeup without stripping. Bonus: perfect size for carry on luggage when flying.

¬†I really love the way this cleanser removes not only dirty and oils on my face after a long day, but most of my makeup too! My skin always feels really clean but not stripped of it’s moisture. Really glad I got this little ornament to share with friends, such a cute little stocking stuffer!