Vintage Looking Stamp Cloth Ornaments

Vintage Looking Cloth Stamp OrnamentsButterfly Cotton Stamp OrnamentThese super affordable (currently under $3 each) stamp cloth ornaments make an incredibly fun, yet inexpensive, addition to your Christmas tree this year. The fun ornaments hang from jute cords.

The cotton ornament set features the following animals:

  • Butterfly (4 inches tall) found here
  • Deer (3.5 inches tall) found here
  • Giraffe (6 inches tall) found here
  • Owl (3.75 inches tall) found here
  • Squirrel (3.5 inches tall) found here

One individual who bought a stamp cloth ornament wrote:

I bought the lavender butterfly for a certain little girl who loves the color purple, but I might just have to buy the rest of the collection for a certain mother (me) who just loves the vintage feel of these lovely little animal ornaments!


Menswear Penguin Ornaments

Menswear Penguin Ornaments

Menswear Penguin Ornaments

Crate and Barrel has adorable Menswear Penguin ornaments available this fall.  The animals featured in these cotton & wool ornaments featured ties, scarves, or buttons and carry a backpack, book, or messenger bag (as if they’re on their way to put in a hard day of work!) Additionally, they have bead eyes and yellow noses and feet. Learn more here.