Metal Christmas Tree For Small Spaces

26 Inch Tall Metal Christmas TreeWe moved this year and I ditched our old fake Christmas tree (it was a rather low budget buy and made it through two years).  While we upgraded condo size, we still don’t have space for a full size Christmas tree. This year, I decided to get Crate and Barrel’s metal Christmas tree, meant for showing off Christmas ornaments.
The 26 inch tall metal Christmas tree arrived this week, and to be honest, I may also buy the smaller 16 inch tree. I like these metal Christmas trees for a few reasons:

  • Decorated 26 Inch Tall Metal Christmas TreeThey’re affordable, at $60 and $35 each, they’re not cheap, but they’re also affordable.
  • Both metal Christmas trees have a smooth, modern touch.
  • The focus of your eye goes to the beautiful Christmas ornaments!

Another great thing is I can use these as decor for years to come, whether or not we also have a traditional Christmas tree.

Limited Edition Charity Ornaments

Andrew Bannecker's Limited Edition Charity Ornament Featuring a Pink HomeFor Christmas 2014, Crate and Barrel partnered with Rebuilding Together to make a terrific set of limited edition charity ornaments, all shaped like homes. At ten dollars, the limited edition charity ornaments are an affordable way to make a difference this holiday season. They’re also packaged in a cute way, so they could make a great Christmas present.

Adorable Home Shaped Christmas OrnamentDesigned by various artists, the ornaments are all the same shape and size but are still very different from each other. For instance, the Woody Wagon ornament features a pink home with a vintage looking car. Andrew Bannecker designed it to celebrate winter evenings beneath Virginia’s starry sky.

Sunshine Christmas OrnamentBrooklyn-based Julia Pott’s home ornament features adorable animals wearing santa-hats alongside snow-capped trees. In contrast, Chicago artist Laura Berger made a bold, bright colored sunshine ornament that might remind you of warmer months to come.

Christmas Tree Home OrnamentLike the other limited edition charity ornaments, Cynthia Treen’s ornament is made of pinewood. The Christmas ornament Christmas trees and the moon.

One of my favorite of the limited edition charity ornaments is the red typography themed home ornament by Jude Landry. Seasonal words like “merry” and “peace” grace the sides of the building.

White and Pink Bird Themed Christmas OrnamentAnother fun ornament is the pink feathered ornament by a Michigan artist is a fun option and will likely thrill young children. It’s fun, but wouldn’t work well on a more formal Christmas tree.

Charity Polar Bear OrnamentAll of the ornaments measure 3 inches wide, 2 inches deep, and 3.25 inches tall. This includes Montreal-artist Sabina Gibson’s polar bear ornament featuring a snowy hill.

Fashion House Themed Christmas OramentFinally, Karolin Schnoor’s fashion-themed ornament will thrill young professionals and those who love a modern-themed Christmas tree. It features bold pinks, reds, and blues– honestly, I love it!

Spring Blossom Ornaments For Easter

Set of 24 Spring Blossom Ornaments Made From PlywoodCelebrate Easter with these beautiful spring blossom ornaments. The twenty four ornaments come in twelve colors matching all colors of the rainbow. While the cute spring blossoms come in a variety of colors, they all match making a classy look in your home.

Colorful Spring Blossom Plywood OrnamentsThe spring blossom ornaments measure 1.5 inches wide and are 1.25 inches tall. Light-weight, they are made of plywood.

In addition to using these floral ornaments to decorate your home, you can use them as drink markers or extra baubles decorating wrapped gifts. Therefore the plywood baubles make a great hostess, Easter, or new home gift this year.

Pilsner Ornament For a Craft Beer Lovers Tree

Pilsner Ornament for a Craft Beer Lovers Christmas TreeLast year, we featured a few great Christmas ornaments for beer lovers, including this Guinness glass ball ornament. This pilsner ornament will add a fun frothy beer to any Christmas tree or other decor.  Made for a craft beer lover and their family, the Christmas ornament measures approximately 4 inches tall.

Made in Germany, the pilsner ornament was handcrafted from glass, metal, and non-toxic paint.

One fan of the pilsner ornament wrote:

Frothy Beer: Perfect choice for the person that loves their beer!  Brought a smile to my friend!

At under five dollars, this hand-crafted Christmas ornament is a great deal.

Unbelievably Affordable Paper Christmas Ornaments

Paper Christmas OrnamentsIf you are looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your Christmas tree, or want to embellish wrapped gifts, these paper Christmas ornaments may do just the trick.

The set of three paper Christmas ornaments (found here) costs under $2. The ornaments are about 6 inches tall and come in three different designs!

These ornaments are a beautiful way to quickly, whimsically, and cheaply decorate your Christmas tree.

Oh So Affordable Origami Santa Claus Ornaments

Origami Santa Claus OrnamentsOrigami Santa Claus Holding a Christmas TreeOrigami is totally cute, and these origami Santa Claus ornaments aren’t just cute but also incredibly affordable. All of these ornaments cost under $3, making them an incredible value this Christmas season. So that you can hang them from your Christmas tree, they come with white ribbons.

Sledding Origami Santa Claus Ornament

  • The origami Santa bauble featuring Santa Claus holding a Christmas tree (found here) is just under 3.15 inches tall.
  • Origami Santa Claus Ornament-- with Santa Claus carrying giftsThe sledding Santa ornament (found here) features Santa Claus riding down a hill on a white sled and is 3 inches tall.
  • The origami Santa Claus ornament featuring Santa Claus carrying a sack of presents (found here) is nearly 3.4 inches tall.

All of these origami Santa Claus ornaments are terrific inexpensive purchases and could be used to decorate a Christmas gift.

Prior purchasers of these origami Santa Claus ornaments have written:

Lovely detailed ornament – just what I wanted to add to my little Santa tree collection

Cute and Affordable Polka Dot Mushroom Ornaments

Red Polka Dot Mushroom Ornament

Yellow Polka Dot Mushroom Ornament

Green Polka Dot Mushroom Ornament

We’ve featured a DIY mushroom and gnome ornament set before. If you are looking for other options to add mushrooms to your Christmas tree this year, these very inexpensive polka dot mushroom ornaments.

All three of the polka dot mushroom ornaments (found here) feature a white stem. The glass ornaments are 2.13 inches tall and come in red, yellow, and green. These baubles cost under $2, so they are an affordable choice for your Christmas tree.

Purchasers of these polka dot mushroom ornaments have written:

These are the cutest little ornaments and much more attractive (deeper in color and varied dots on the caps of the mushrooms) in reality when you receive them. I bought two sets and we are planning on giving one set our neighbors as they are avid mushroom “hunters” and experts. Unique, attractive and well crafted ornaments at a reasonable price are becoming harder and harder to find. You will not be disappointed with this trio.


Three Adorable White Ceramic House Ornaments

Three Ceramic House OrnamentsThese three white ceramic house ornaments will remind visitors of a gingerbread house neighborhood on your tree.

4 Inch Tall House OrnamentThe ornaments (found here) have a matte white finish so they will fit in on any Christmas tree or around your house. With their flat bottoms, they can be used to decorate any flat service.

3.5 inch tall house ornament
The white ceramic ornaments range in size from three to four inches with each house having its own style.3 Inch Tall Ceramic House Ornament

Fun Dressed Up Plush Fox Ornaments For Your Tree

Plush Fox OrnamentsPlush Fox OrnamentWe have featured another plush fox ornament before, but we have to admit to loving this affordable plush fox ornament couple.

Mrs Fox Ornament

The male fox (found here) is wearing an adorable yellow hat accented with a flower and a blue striped vest. His Mrs (found here) wears a fun sequin hair barrette and a cute ribbon accented dress.

Both ornaments are six inches tall, so they make a sizable fun statement on any tree (and may be too big for a smaller tree).

Celebrate Peace with Elvis Swift Dove Ornaments

Elvis Swift Dove Ornaments This set of five cotton ornaments celebrates peace during the Christmas season.The Elvis Swift dove ornaments come as a set of five and are three inches tall. The ornaments (found here) feature doves sketched in a variety of positions.

At a cost of under $4 each, these white ornaments make an affordable addition to any Christmas tree this winter.