Red, Silver, and Green Poinsettia Cupcake Ornaments

Green Poinsettia Cupcake OrnamentWe’ve featured a few cupcake ornaments before including this set of miniature cupcake ornaments, a crocheted cupcake ornament, and a glass cupcake ornament topped with pink frosting. These poinsettia cupcake ornaments are another tasty addition to your Christmas tree, and are more seasonal than the other cupcake ornaments we have featured.

Silver Poinsettia Cupcake OrnamentThe ornaments (found here) are 3.5 inches tall and made from polyresin and marble dust. Both hand-cast and hand-painted, so each one is slightly unique.

Red Poinsettia OrnamentThe ornaments come in a reusable and protective gift box, making it easy to give these cupcake ornaments to a friend who loves to bake.

Cherry Topped Crocheted Cupcake Ornament

pink crocheted ornamentWe’ve featured a few other on-trend cupcake ornaments including this glass pink cupcake ornament. This crocheted cupcake ornament makes another affordable option for cupcake lovers.

The crocheted ornament (found here) was crafted by artisans in the Andes out of cotton with polyester fill. The cupcake’s pink frosting is decorated with cute, pastel beads.

This affordable ornament is a great option for cupcake lovers and other sweet-tooths.

Beautifully Sweet Pink Strawberry Cupcake Ornament

pink strawberry cupcake ornamentWe love ornaments featuring sweets, including this candy train ornament and Twizzlers ornament. And adding to that list of yummy ornaments I wish I could eat is this strawberry cupcake ornament.

The 3.5 inch tall glass ornament (found here) was hand-painted before it was dusted with pink glitter. One prior purchaser wrote about the ornament “this ornament is good for all the sweet tooths out there. It also makes for a good hostess gift.”

Kurt Adler Christmas Ornaments, Set of 6 Mini Cupcakes

Kurt Adler Christmas Ornaments, Set of 6 Mini Cupcakes

Kurt Adler Christmas Ornaments, Set of 6 Mini Cupcakes

This set of ornaments provides an inexpensive sparkle to a fun Christmas tree. The six ornaments are plastic and 2″ tall, and would clash with a more classically decorated tree.