From Wizard of Oz: Dorothy’s Ruby Slipper Ornament

Smithsonian Ruby Slipper Ornament Previously, we featured this Thomas Kinkade Wizard of Oz ornament. Another option fans of the Wizard of Oz will adore this ruby slipper ornament on their Christmas tree this holiday season!

This mouth-blown and hand-painted glass Wizard of Oz themed ornament (found here) features two glitter accented 3.75 inch tall ruby red shoes. They are based on the original pair of Dorothy’s ruby slippers which are included in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History museum collection.

Prior purchasers of this ruby slipper ornament wrote:

The ruby red slippers are the perfect gift for that Wizard of Oz fan in your life. They are beautiful and will remain a favorite ornament for many years to come.

With over 600 decorations on our family Christmas tree, these Ruby Slippers are in a special place. What girl doesn’t love these?!! Lots of benefits for me too!