Fun Felt Candy Cane Ornaments For Your Tree

Set of Felt Candy Cane OrnamentsWe have previously featured a few ornaments shaped like candy canes, including a Swarovski crystal candy cane ornament and these 76ers basketball candy cane ornaments. This felt candy cane ornament set is another great option, and may particularly appeal to families with younger children.

Felt Candy Cane OrnamentsThe ornaments (found here) are 4.5 inches tall. The set includes four red and white striped candy cane ornaments and four wintergreen and white felt ornaments.

Prior customers have written the following about this felt candy cane ornament set:

I love these Candy Canes Ornaments. The classic design makes them perfect for the holiday season. They can also be used as more than just ornaments. Hang them on door knobs around the house, along a mantel or banister, and tie a single candy cane to any gift for an added holiday treat. The set of 8 ornaments also come packaged just like real candy canes, how fun! You really can’t go wrong with this set of Christmas candy canes.

Hang Your Gift Cards In A Felt Stocking Ornament

Felt Stocking Ornamentsfelt stocking ornamentNothing excites a child about Christmas like the thought of their stocking full of Christmas presents. This affordable pair of felt stocking ornaments, which can be stocked with small presents, makes a simple and fun addition to any Christmas tree.

felt stocking ornamentWhile these ornament (found here) are affordable, at six inches tall the felt baubles will make a sizable addition to any tree (and may be too overwhelming for a smaller tree).  You can choose between an stocking ornament covered in felt dots, or one that is all white with a decorated cuff.

Both ornaments were hand-crafted in India and are a great way to give extra pizzazz to a gift-card or other small gift!

Creative Co-Op Felt Camel Ornament

Felt Camel Ornament

Felt Camel Ornament

This affordable, felt camel ornament could be a great gift for your friends and love ones if you visited Morocco, Egypt, or another country with camels or if you have a family member who loves the humped animals. The felt ornament is beaded and features a blue sequined blanket.