Wonka Candy Ornaments

To be honest, candy is one of the few things that makes me even happier than Christmas. With these two loves, I enjoy giving candy filled ornaments as Christmas gifts.  To that end I’ve previously featured Godiva filled ornaments and gummy bear packed ball ornaments. However, if you need to buy a wide number of candy filled ornaments, these Wonka candy ornaments make a great option.

Wonka Candy OrnamentsThe Wonka candy ornaments (found here) are 2.75 inches in diameter and contain Sweet Tarts or Nerds.  The ornaments only cost a dollar, but you have to buy 32 of them. These might be a great option for someone throwing a party, or with TONS of distant relatives!

Gold Star Godiva Ornament Makes a Great Gift

Star Shapped Godiva OrnamentEarlier, we featured a metal ball ornament containing small chocolates and another ornament filled with gummy bears.  If you are looking for a different candy filled ornament, this Godiva ornament may be a tasty purchase.

The gold ornament (found here) contains ten milk and dark chocolate truffles wrapped in red or green foil.  This ornament makes a great stocking-stuffer, and could be an excellent gift for co-workers or less close relatives

Candy Filled Ornament Ball

Candy Filled Ornament Ball

Snowy Night Ornaments

If you are searching for a candy filled ornament to give your family, friends, or co-workers, this ornament filled with foil-wrapped candies might be the perfect option. The metal ornaments, decorated with snowflakes, are 3.78″ in diameter.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Four Holiday Ornaments

Dylan's Candy Bar Four Holiday Ornaments

Dylan’s Candy Bar Four Holiday Ornaments

This ornament doubles as a tasty treat! For $26, you receive four 2.75″ in diameter balls full of gummy bears from Dylan’s Candy Bar. The ornaments themselves are bright and cheery, so would make a great addition to your favorite kid’s tree, but might not be suited for a more muted, mature tree.