Land Of Nod’s Plush Ornaments

Milk And Cookies Plush OrnamentsI LOVE Land Of Nod’s adorable plush ornaments celebrating best friends. The best friends plush ornaments celebrate various terrific pairings, such as milk and cookies, all designed by Michelle Romo.

Hamburger And French Fries Christmas OrnamentsAll of the Christmas ornaments are wool with polyester filling and hang on cotton strings. The fun, kid-friendly, ornaments all feature cute faces.

Rainbow And Cloud Christmas Plush OrnamentsIn addition to the milk and cookies plush ornaments, Romo designed hamburger and fries, salt and pepper, and rainbow and cloud Christmas ornaments.

While these pairings would look great on one Christmas tree, they make may great gifts for pairs of best friends– such as your daughter and her best friend.

A Spicy Metal Chili Ornament

Metal Chili Ornament By Nambe For Southwestern Christmas in a gift boxI love food and cooking and love the idea of including your favorite foods on your family’s Christmas tree. This metal chili ornament, like the previously featured glass red onion ornament, is a great option.

Nambe Chili Ornament Hangs On Blue RibbonThe metal chili ornament hangs from a dark blue ribbon and comes in a dark blue gift box. A shimmering trinket, it was made from metal alloy.

If you are looking for a way to celebrate a trip to mexico, a love of spicy food, or the American Southwest, this may be the perfect Christmas ornament for you or a friend.

Pilsner Ornament For a Craft Beer Lovers Tree

Pilsner Ornament for a Craft Beer Lovers Christmas TreeLast year, we featured a few great Christmas ornaments for beer lovers, including this Guinness glass ball ornament. This pilsner ornament will add a fun frothy beer to any Christmas tree or other decor.  Made for a craft beer lover and their family, the Christmas ornament measures approximately 4 inches tall.

Made in Germany, the pilsner ornament was handcrafted from glass, metal, and non-toxic paint.

One fan of the pilsner ornament wrote:

Frothy Beer: Perfect choice for the person that loves their beer!  Brought a smile to my friend!

At under five dollars, this hand-crafted Christmas ornament is a great deal.

Affordable Pink & Light Blue Macaron Ornaments

Light Blue Icey Macaron OrnamentPreviously, we featured a set of glass macaron ornaments, a very trendy addition to Christmas trees this year. If you are looking for more affordable macaron ornaments to hang on your tree this year, I recommend one (or both!) of these Christmas ornaments.

Bold Pink Macaron OrnamentBoth of these glass ornaments are 2.25 inches tall and hang from a golded cord. While the pink ornament (found here) is a bolder pink, the light blue ornament (found here) is a super light, ice-y blue. The edges of both ornaments are dusted with glitter.

I recommend these ornaments if you want to include on-trend macaron ornaments on your tree without breaking the bank.

Beautiful Corkscrew Ornament For The Christmas Tree

Corkscrew OrnamentA lot of alcohol is drank during the holiday season, and celebrating your favorite drinks on your tree just makes sense. Previously we featured this Santa Claus wine barrel ornament and this cocktail glass ornament set. This corkscrew ornament makes another terrific option for your Christmas tree or a hostess gift.

The glass ornament (found here) was crafted in Poland exclusively for Sur La Table.  The bauble is 3 inches long with a brown handle and silver screw. The entire ornament is dusted with glitter.

I recommend giving this ornament to your favorite wine lover.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stuffed Stocking Ornament

Red Chocolate Pretzel Stuffed Stocking OrnamentWe adore ornaments that can also serve as stocking stuffers. This red chocolate covered pretzel stuffed stocking ornament is one such purchase.

The ornament (found here) is 7 inches tall and comes filled with Godiva chocolate covered pretzels. The red stocking features white snowflakes and gold and silver sequins.

This ornament makes a fun gift for friends or family members.

Glittery New York City Donut Ornament

New York City Pretzel OrnamentWe’ve featured a number of New York City ornaments, including this creative New York City pretzel ornament. This New York City donut ornament is another affordable and creative option for those looking to celebrate New York on their Christmas tree this year.

The ornament (found here) is 2.5 inches tall and features a glittery donut half covered by chocolate. The chocolate is used to make the shape of New York City’s skyline. The sprinkle covered ornament costs under $5, making it a great deal for this Christmas.

Singing Pickle Ornament- A Fun Take On Tradition

German Christmas traditions include a contest to see who can find the pickle ornament on one’s Christmas tree first.  And thus, we’ve featured a gorgeous classic pickle ornament before. This singing pickle ornament takes a much less traditional take on this game.

Singing Pickle OrnamentThis fun pickle ornament (found here) sings, or yodels, when it detects any motion within 3 feet, so it will make a loud addition to any Christmas tree its on this Christmas.

In addition to its yodeling, the singing pickle ornament is 4.5 inches tall, so it will make a sizable addition to any Christmas tree.

Consider this ornament as a great gag gift for a friend.

NOTE: Batteries are included.

Tasty and Fun American Made Red Onion Ornament

Glass Red Onion OrnamentIf you love red onions and want to celebrate them on your Christmas tree or your kitchen shelf this year, consider purchasing this glass red onion ornament this year. The ornament is 3.5 inches tall and features the purple body of the onion topped with a green stem that doubles as a hook to hang it on your tree.

The ornaments (found here) are hand-made in Arizona and each have unique details, so they will vary slightly.

Prior purchasers of this delicious red onion ornament have written:

I like to find unusual ornaments for our tree. I bought the chili pepper last year and the onion this year. They are very pretty and just the right size.

Nothing in the catalog can perfectly describe this ornament. It is absolutely beautiful. Will get one every year for these family members and will get one or more for ourselves each year.


Skillet Ornament Stuffed with Eggs and Bacon

Glistening Glass Skillet OrnamentPreviously, we featured a sizzling bacon ornament, which is sadly now sold out. This comical skillet ornament is another great way for breakfast lovers to celebrate delicious bacon (and eggs!)

The affordable and fun skillet ornament (found here) is made of glass and is 8 inches tall, so it may be too big for a smaller tree but it will make a very fun sizable addition to a bigger Christmas tree. The hand-crafted skillet in the bauble contains two eggs and two glitter dusted pieces of bacon.

Purchasers of this tasty skillet ornament have written:

Larger than expected. Lots of fun! 🙂