Fun Dressed Up Plush Fox Ornaments For Your Tree

Plush Fox OrnamentsPlush Fox OrnamentWe have featured another plush fox ornament before, but we have to admit to loving this affordable plush fox ornament couple.

Mrs Fox Ornament

The male fox (found here) is wearing an adorable yellow hat accented with a flower and a blue striped vest. His Mrs (found here) wears a fun sequin hair barrette and a cute ribbon accented dress.

Both ornaments are six inches tall, so they make a sizable fun statement on any tree (and may be too big for a smaller tree).

Child Friendly & Fun Plush Animal Ornaments

Plush Animal Ornaments (dogs, hedgehog, a fox)

Basset Hound OrnamentFox OrnamentWe’ve featured a few dog and hedgehog ornaments previously. These plush animal ornaments make an affordable fun addition to a young family’s Christmas tree this year.

This collection of ornaments, which run for under $10 each, includes a 3.5 inch tall brown and white Basset Hound ornament (found here). It Dachshund OrnamentHedgehog Ornamentalso includes a 3.5 inch tall black and brown Dachshund ornament (here) wearing and orange and pink scarf and a four inch tall Dalmatian ornament wearing a red scarf (found here).

In addition to cute puppy ornaments, the set includes a 2.5 inch tall hedgehog ornament featuring a green bow tie (found here) and a fox Dalmatian Ornamentornament wearing a cute hat (here).

One purchaser of a plush animal ornament wrote:

We ordered the Hedgehog Ornament and are quite pleased with it. It is super cute and I’m sure my young daughters will love it. It is about 2.5″ long x 2″ tall.