DIY Ornaments: Individualize Your Christmas Tree

For The Makers & Gilt City DIY Black and White Clay OrnamentsHaving a personal touch on your Christmas tree is key, so I wanted to summarize a few DIY ornament options that I decided to participate in this year!

Tomorrow, I’m taking a three hour Dabble class on glass blowing. During it, I’ll get to work with a glass artisan to make my own glass ball ornament to hang on our tree this year! If Dabble isn’t in your community, search for your local glass collaborative.

Gilt City & For The Makers DIY Geometric OrnamentsAlso, For the Makers (a high end craft subscription) and Gilt City have partnered, allowing you to order two different DIY ornament kits this winter.  I chose to get the black and white clay ornament kit, and they also have a DIY geometric ornaments kit.

I’m really excited to get to work on my Gilt City kit (which are only available until Thursday, November 21st).