Beautiful Peppermint Glitter Ornament

Glitter Peppermint OrnamentThis peppermint glitter ornament will stand out on your Christmas tree this year. Each of the glass ornaments were hand-blown and then decorated over a seven day period. Primarily red and white, the ornament also features green and gold glitter.
If you don’t think this peppermint glitter ornament fits with your Christmas tree, it is packaged in a beautiful lacquered box. Therefore, it may make a great Christmas gift for any family member or friend.

Affordable Collegiate Santa Ornaments

Iowa Hawkeyes Affordable Collegiate Santa OrnamentYour Christmas tree should celebrate what you love in life and these affordable collegiate Christmas ornaments make a great way to celebrate your alma mater. While I didn’t attend Iowa, my boyfriend and my parents did, so I see the Iowa Hawkeyes version as a great addition to our Christmas tree this year. In addition, we’d probably get a University of Nebraska ornament, as I am a huge Huskers fan.

The Santa-featuring ornaments measure 4.5 inches in diameter and are made of glass. They feature Santa Claus standing next to a tree decked out with the college’s colors and a larger ornament bearing its logo.

The affordable collegiate ornaments are available in 32 different styles including:
  • University of Nebraska Affordable Collegiate Christmas OrnamentAuburn University
  • Louisiana State University
  • Michigan State University
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Michigan
  • University of North Carolina


Snowy Christopher Radko First Home Ornament

Christopher Radko First Home Christmas OrnamentBuying one’s first house is an important milestone in anyone’s life, and a great one to celebrate on a Christmas tree. This Christopher Radko first home ornament is a great way to celebrate this milestone on your Christmas tree this year.

The 6 inch tall glittery glass ornament (found here) features a beautiful home covered in snow, topped with a beautiful wreath and next to a fun snowman.  It is beautiful and was hand-crafted by artisans.

Purchasers of this Christopher Radko first home ornament have written:

I was expecting it to be a little larger, but it is very pretty and detailed. I got it for my husband for Christmas, a tradition from my family. It is a very pretty ornament with lots of details. The glitter seems pretty secure, which I like, so its not coming off on everything around it. The packaging is nice and I suspect it will hold up well to packing away each year. Overall, happy with the purchase.

Giraffe Featuring Africa Safari Christmas Ornament

Africa Safari Christmas OrnamentAre you looking to craft an African safari themed Christmas tree? If so, we’ve already reviewed some ornaments I recommend you grab including this Lion King on Broadway ornament (assuming you have a large tree) and these cute fair-trade African hut ornaments. This Africa safari Christmas ornament makes another beautiful option for someone looking to create a safari on their tree or celebrate a trip to Africa.

African Safari Christmas OrnamentThe Africa safari Christmas ornament (found here) is a beautiful red glass suitcase. It is 2 inches tall and features a giraffe on the front and African huts on the back.

This ornament makes a terrific gift for a friend who always talks about planning a trip to Africa.

Prior purchasers of this Africa safari Christmas ornament have written:

I have been shopping for unique ornaments for my world travel themed Christmas tree. I am picky and did not want tacky, plastic type ornaments for my tree. This is lovely and substantial. It is about 2.5 inches tall, 3.5 inches in length and about an inch in width. The opposite side features Masaai huts. The hand painting and detail is spectacular. I love the glitter too – just the right amount!

Love this ornament! Will be a nice keepsake for our African visit.

Cute Glitter Coated Christopher Radko Owl Ornament

Christopher Radko Owl OrnamentWe have featured some lovely owl ornaments this year, including this classic Jonathan Adler owl ornament. Additionally, we have focused on some gorgeous Christopher Radko ornaments, such as this glitter accented UFO ornament and this fun glass moose ornament. This Christopher Radko owl ornament is another great bauble for lovers of Radko’s ornament line and owls.

The fun glass owl ornament (found here) is 3.5 inches tall and features a family of four owls each wearing a Santa tree. The glitter dusted ornament was hand crafted by Christopher Radko’s artisan team in Europe during a process that takes over a week.

Affordable Pink & Light Blue Macaron Ornaments

Light Blue Icey Macaron OrnamentPreviously, we featured a set of glass macaron ornaments, a very trendy addition to Christmas trees this year. If you are looking for more affordable macaron ornaments to hang on your tree this year, I recommend one (or both!) of these Christmas ornaments.

Bold Pink Macaron OrnamentBoth of these glass ornaments are 2.25 inches tall and hang from a golded cord. While the pink ornament (found here) is a bolder pink, the light blue ornament (found here) is a super light, ice-y blue. The edges of both ornaments are dusted with glitter.

I recommend these ornaments if you want to include on-trend macaron ornaments on your tree without breaking the bank.

Snow Globe Santa Ornament Your Kids Will Love

We’ve featured two snow globe ornaments previously– this Parisian snow globe ornament and this mason jar snow globe ornament. This snow globe Santa ornament is another fun option and affordable option if you are looking to include snow globes on your Christmas tree this year.

Snow Globe Santa OrnamentThe 3.5 inch tall glass snow globe ornament (found here) contains Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, snowflakes and more. It can hang on your tree from red ribbon or twine or sit on one’s shelf.

Costing less than $10. this ornament makes a great addition to your Christmas tree.

Beautiful Corkscrew Ornament For The Christmas Tree

Corkscrew OrnamentA lot of alcohol is drank during the holiday season, and celebrating your favorite drinks on your tree just makes sense. Previously we featured this Santa Claus wine barrel ornament and this cocktail glass ornament set. This corkscrew ornament makes another terrific option for your Christmas tree or a hostess gift.

The glass ornament (found here) was crafted in Poland exclusively for Sur La Table.  The bauble is 3 inches long with a brown handle and silver screw. The entire ornament is dusted with glitter.

I recommend giving this ornament to your favorite wine lover.

Set of Vintage Camera Ornament Set

Glitter Accented Vintage Camera Ornament SetPreviously, we featured an ornament recreating a camera with Paris in the viewfinder. This set of vintage camera ornaments is another great option for photography lovers.

The vintage camera ornament set (found here) includes two four inch tall baubles. Each of the glass ornaments is 4 inches tall and is accented with light drawing glitter.

From Wizard of Oz: Dorothy’s Ruby Slipper Ornament

Smithsonian Ruby Slipper Ornament Previously, we featured this Thomas Kinkade Wizard of Oz ornament. Another option fans of the Wizard of Oz will adore this ruby slipper ornament on their Christmas tree this holiday season!

This mouth-blown and hand-painted glass Wizard of Oz themed ornament (found here) features two glitter accented 3.75 inch tall ruby red shoes. They are based on the original pair of Dorothy’s ruby slippers which are included in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History museum collection.

Prior purchasers of this ruby slipper ornament wrote:

The ruby red slippers are the perfect gift for that Wizard of Oz fan in your life. They are beautiful and will remain a favorite ornament for many years to come.

With over 600 decorations on our family Christmas tree, these Ruby Slippers are in a special place. What girl doesn’t love these?!! Lots of benefits for me too!