Tasty and Fun American Made Red Onion Ornament

Glass Red Onion OrnamentIf you love red onions and want to celebrate them on your Christmas tree or your kitchen shelf this year, consider purchasing this glass red onion ornament this year. The ornament is 3.5 inches tall and features the purple body of the onion topped with a green stem that doubles as a hook to hang it on your tree.

The ornaments (found here) are hand-made in Arizona and each have unique details, so they will vary slightly.

Prior purchasers of this delicious red onion ornament have written:

I like to find unusual ornaments for our tree. I bought the chili pepper last year and the onion this year. They are very pretty and just the right size.

Nothing in the catalog can perfectly describe this ornament. It is absolutely beautiful. Will get one every year for these family members and will get one or more for ourselves each year.


Beautiful and Classic Cloisonné Teapot Ornaments

Teapot OrnamentsCelebrate a love of tea with these hand-made cloisonne teapot ornaments! Each ornament comes individually packaged in its own box, so you can buy all four ornaments and distribute them to four different people.

The ornaments (found here) were hand-made and are 1.25″ tall, making them possibly too small for a large Christmas tree.

Example reviews of these teapot ornaments are:

Very cute. I’d bought them as a gift for my sister-in-law, but they’re so cute, I may keep them for myself, and order her another set. I love that they came in an easy-to-gift-wrap box of four and that each teapot is also in it’s own tiny individual box. (sister-in-law, neice 1, neice 2, former sister-i-law.) One for each!

I bought 2 sets and shared them with my sisters, mother and dear tea-drinking friends. We all love them and will think of each other when we use/see the teapot that is ours.


Cherry Topped Crocheted Cupcake Ornament

pink crocheted ornamentWe’ve featured a few other on-trend cupcake ornaments including this glass pink cupcake ornament. This crocheted cupcake ornament makes another affordable option for cupcake lovers.

The crocheted ornament (found here) was crafted by artisans in the Andes out of cotton with polyester fill. The cupcake’s pink frosting is decorated with cute, pastel beads.

This affordable ornament is a great option for cupcake lovers and other sweet-tooths.

Inspiring Unique Handmade Glass Polar Bear Ornament

Glass Polar Bear OrnamentPreviously, we featured this white and gold polar bear ornament. While that ornament is very affordable, if you are looking for a more unique ornament, this white glass polar bear ornament may be a better option.

The approximately two inch tall ornament (found here) was hand-sculpted by glass artists in Vermont. The white body of the polar bear is accented with a black ball nose.

For every polar bear ornament purchased, one dollar will be donated to Polar Bears International.

Hang Your Gift Cards In A Felt Stocking Ornament

Felt Stocking Ornamentsfelt stocking ornamentNothing excites a child about Christmas like the thought of their stocking full of Christmas presents. This affordable pair of felt stocking ornaments, which can be stocked with small presents, makes a simple and fun addition to any Christmas tree.

felt stocking ornamentWhile these ornament (found here) are affordable, at six inches tall the felt baubles will make a sizable addition to any tree (and may be too overwhelming for a smaller tree).  You can choose between an stocking ornament covered in felt dots, or one that is all white with a decorated cuff.

Both ornaments were hand-crafted in India and are a great way to give extra pizzazz to a gift-card or other small gift!