Adorable and Fun Wood Ornament Kit for Kids

Wood Ornament Kit for KidsWe’ve featured a number of kits that allow children to make their own ornaments including this snowflake ornament kit and this owl ornament kit. This wood ornament kit for kids is another choice for your family this year.

The kit (found here) Santa Claus, Angel, and Snowman Shaped Ornaments, artist quality brushes, acrylic paint, stencils, and a painting guide. It is recommend for children six and up!

Cross Stitch Penguin Ornament Set

DIY Cross Stitch Penguin Ornament SetWe’ve featured a few penguin ornaments this winter including this cute ornaments featuring penguins playing sports and this penguin glass ball ornament. This DIY cross stitch penguin ornament set allows you to make six fun penguin ornaments for friends and loved ones this Christmas.

The DIY ornament kit (found here) includes a 14-count plastic canvas, cotton floss, needle, chart and directions. Each ornament produced in this Stitchery exclusive DIY kit is 3.75 to 4 inches tall.

DIY Ornaments: Individualize Your Christmas Tree

For The Makers & Gilt City DIY Black and White Clay OrnamentsHaving a personal touch on your Christmas tree is key, so I wanted to summarize a few DIY ornament options that I decided to participate in this year!

Tomorrow, I’m taking a three hour Dabble class on glass blowing. During it, I’ll get to work with a glass artisan to make my own glass ball ornament to hang on our tree this year! If Dabble isn’t in your community, search for your local glass collaborative.

Gilt City & For The Makers DIY Geometric OrnamentsAlso, For the Makers (a high end craft subscription) and Gilt City have partnered, allowing you to order two different DIY ornament kits this winter.  I chose to get the black and white clay ornament kit, and they also have a DIY geometric ornaments kit.

I’m really excited to get to work on my Gilt City kit (which are only available until Thursday, November 21st).


Hand Print Impression Ornament Kit

Hand Print Impression Ornament Kit

Hand Print Impression Ornament Kit

Finished Ornaments

Finished Ornaments

Do you know a young family that wants to capture their child’s first hand print this winter?  If so, this hand print impression ornament kit may be the perfect present. You can buy a kit that produces one or two ornaments.  Kits include a plastic shaping ring, air-drying impression material, rolling pin, and a plastic straw hole puncher. Additionally, the kits include one red and one white ribbon for parents to choose from. The impression material is non-toxic and requires no additional water or baking, making it easy for a families that quickly want to make ornaments for their or their friend’s trees.