Tasty and Fun American Made Red Onion Ornament

Glass Red Onion OrnamentIf you love red onions and want to celebrate them on your Christmas tree or your kitchen shelf this year, consider purchasing this glass red onion ornament this year. The ornament is 3.5 inches tall and features the purple body of the onion topped with a green stem that doubles as a hook to hang it on your tree.

The ornaments (found here) are hand-made in Arizona and each have unique details, so they will vary slightly.

Prior purchasers of this delicious red onion ornament have written:

I like to find unusual ornaments for our tree. I bought the chili pepper last year and the onion this year. They are very pretty and just the right size.

Nothing in the catalog can perfectly describe this ornament. It is absolutely beautiful. Will get one every year for these family members and will get one or more for ourselves each year.


Beautifully Bright Colored Suncatcher Ornament

Multicolored Suncatcher OrnamentArtisans in West Virginia crafted these beautiful suncatcher ornaments that can be displayed all year in your home. The bauble features abstract patterns in purple, green, yellow, orange, and more colors.  The ornament is topped by a glass hook to easily hang it from your Christmas tree this holiday season.
Beautiful Ornament Hook

The ornament (found here) is three inches tall and was hand-blown at the Boyce Art Gallery in West Union, West Virginia.

Personalized Elephant Baby Ornament

Customized Elephant Baby OrnamentWe’ve featured a few cute ornaments celebrating new babies including this giraffe ornament and this limited edition Disney ornament. Another great option for new parents is this personalized elephant baby ornament.

The hand-painted ceramic ornament (found here) is made with a 4.25 inch tall square tile, features a pink elephant holding a red gift, and was made in the United States. The ornament can be customized with a name up to 10 characters long, making it a great option for parents of young daughters.

Purchasers of this personalized elephant baby ornament have written:

What a beautiful gift….excellent quality! It was sent in excellent condition and also earlier than expected. I will definitely order again and will recommend your website to my friends. I will be proud to give this as a gift to a very special friend!!

Washington Made Glass Gingerbread Man Ornament

glass gingerbread man ornamentMade in Washington state, this glass gingerbread man ornament makes a beautiful addition to any Christmas tree.

Gift box that comes with the glass ornamentThe four inch tall ornament (found here) was made using fused glass by Krisi Thorndike-Kent. The ornament is an affordable option if you are looking for an artisan made ornament as it costs $25, or just under $34 if you want it to come in a beautiful purple gift box.

Prior purchasers of the glass gingerbread man ornament have written:

This gingerbread man is a wonderful piece for your Christmas tree. It reminds me of holiday time and makes me smile. Everyone needs this piece for their tree.

Inspiring Unique Handmade Glass Polar Bear Ornament

Glass Polar Bear OrnamentPreviously, we featured this white and gold polar bear ornament. While that ornament is very affordable, if you are looking for a more unique ornament, this white glass polar bear ornament may be a better option.

The approximately two inch tall ornament (found here) was hand-sculpted by glass artists in Vermont. The white body of the polar bear is accented with a black ball nose.

For every polar bear ornament purchased, one dollar will be donated to Polar Bears International.

Beautiful Gold and Black Globe Ornament

Eliot Raffit Black Globe Ornament

Black Globe Ornament

Previously, we have featured these globe paper-mache ornaments. While those make for a fun addition to a tree, this ornament seems classier and adds significantly more sparkle.

The globe ornament is 5 inches in diameter and is adorned with fine metals, pearls, beading and stones. The ornament hangs from your tree on a black double-face satin ribbon.

Crafted in the United States, this ornament could be a great gift for any of your family of friends.

Child Friendly Wood Train Ornament

Wood Train Ornament

Wood Train Ornament

This wood train ornament is made from American Maple wood in Vermont. The ornament’s train car is painted black with non-toxic dye. The train ornament comes with a gold ribbon and tag for hanging it on your tree.  One note, this ornaments wheels are stationary, so your child will not be able to roll it around the living room floor. To order this ornament, click here.

Ball First Christmas Ornament for Any Baby

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

These 3.75″ tall hand-painted ball first Christmas ornaments celebrate a baby boy or girl’s first Christmas and feature a quaint baby carriage. The glass ornaments come in a beautiful box and were made in the United States and can be found here.

Heart Gifts Christmas In New York Ornament

Heart Gifts Christmas In New York Ornament

Heart Gifts Christmas In New York Ornament

This ornament is a great way to celebrate your or your friend’s visit to New York during the holidays. It’s painted, with glitter accents, and 3.75″ in diameter. While not overly-showy it could make a great addition to any tree and comes in a gift box.

Towle Silversmiths 2013 Old Master Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Towle Silversmiths 2013 Old Master Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Towle Silversmiths 2013 Old Master Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Towle Silversmith’s 2013 snowflake ornament is the company’s 24th annual snowflake ornament. It is 3″ in diameter and made of sterling silver-plated metal in the United States. This ornament will complement a classically decorated Christmas tree.