Beautiful Glitter Accented Lunar Lander Ornament

Glass Apollo Lunar Lander OrnamentWe’ve feature a few out of this world ornaments including an astronaut ornament and a UFO ornament. This lunar lander ornament is a great purchase if you want to celebrate the greater universe on your Christmas tree this year.

The glass ornament (found here) is 6 inches tall and was crafted in Poland. The Apollo lunar lander is accented with an American flag and dusted with glitter.

One prior purchaser of a lunar lander ornament wrote:

This is a great addition to our space theme tree. We have collected many and plan to get more!


Silver Glass Astronaut Ornament

astronaut ornamentWe have featured a few space lover friendly ornaments including this space shuttle ornament and this UFO ornament. Another terrific option for space lovers is this astronaut ornament.

This glass American astronaut ornament  (found here) was hand-blown in Poland before being accented with glitter. The ornament is a bit over five inches tall, so it is sure to stand out on any tree (and may be too big for a small, table-top Christmas tree).

Prior purchasers of this astronaut ornament report:

I tried to purchase this last year & they were sold out. I secured this ornament and one of the Shuttle Orbiter this year & Love Them! They’re about 5″ (Shuttle is a little bigger) & detailed. They’re glass, mouth-blown in to a mold and individually hand painted in Poland. They made a unique addition to my Christmas tree!

Alien Lovers Will Love This Glass UFO Ornament

Glass UFO OrnamentWe’ve featured a few out of this world ornaments, including this red UFO ornament and this space shuttle ornament. If you are looking to splurge, and celebrate possible life out there in space, this glass UFO ornament may be just the right purchase.

The glass ornament (found here) is 4.5 inches tall and was hand-made then dusted with glitter. Painted with moons and stars, the space ship will surely thrill space lover of any age.

Brilliant NASA Spaceship Ornament

space ship ornamentPreviously, we featured a UFO ornament. With this NASA spaceship ornament, you can rocket your Christmas tree out of this world.

The six inch tall ornament (found here) was hand-crafted in Poland and shows the rocket in full flight. It is large enough to be used as a Christmas tree topper.

One reviewer wrote the following about the NASA spaceship ornament:

It is the first thing my granddaughter wants to see every morning. She loves it.