Cute Glitter Coated Christopher Radko Owl Ornament

Christopher Radko Owl OrnamentWe have featured some lovely owl ornaments this year, including this classic Jonathan Adler owl ornament. Additionally, we have focused on some gorgeous Christopher Radko ornaments, such as this glitter accented UFO ornament and this fun glass moose ornament. This Christopher Radko owl ornament is another great bauble for lovers of Radko’s ornament line and owls.

The fun glass owl ornament (found here) is 3.5 inches tall and features a family of four owls each wearing a Santa tree. The glitter dusted ornament was hand crafted by Christopher Radko’s artisan team in Europe during a process that takes over a week.

Vintage Looking Stamp Cloth Ornaments

Vintage Looking Cloth Stamp OrnamentsButterfly Cotton Stamp OrnamentThese super affordable (currently under $3 each) stamp cloth ornaments make an incredibly fun, yet inexpensive, addition to your Christmas tree this year. The fun ornaments hang from jute cords.

The cotton ornament set features the following animals:

  • Butterfly (4 inches tall) found here
  • Deer (3.5 inches tall) found here
  • Giraffe (6 inches tall) found here
  • Owl (3.75 inches tall) found here
  • Squirrel (3.5 inches tall) found here

One individual who bought a stamp cloth ornament wrote:

I bought the lavender butterfly for a certain little girl who loves the color purple, but I might just have to buy the rest of the collection for a certain mother (me) who just loves the vintage feel of these lovely little animal ornaments!


Nicely Detailed Mercury Glass Owl Ornaments

Mercury Glass Owl OrnamentWe’ve featured a few owl ornaments including Jonathan Adler’s classic porcelain baubles and these cute, brightly striped owl ornaments. These mercury glass owl ornaments make another great addition to Christmas trees for owl lovers.

The glass baubles (found here) are extremely detailed 3.75 inch silver tall owls and make a cute addition to one’s Christmas tree! As there are only nine left if stock, if you’re interest yo should grab one as soon as possible.

Classic Jonathan Adler Owl Ornament

Jonathan Adler Owl OrnamentWe have featured a number of dove ornaments including this knit striped owl ornaments. And I adore Jonathan Adler ornament’s including these muse head ornaments. Finding both of these adorable, I must say I do LOVE these Jonathan Adler owl ornaments.

The ceramic ornaments (found here) are 2.5 inches tall and come with a beautiful light blue ribbon for hanging. The ornament comes in a blue box that matches Jonathan Adler’s modern style.  With this beautiful box, this ornament is a great gift for a fashionista in your life.

Fun DIY Owl Ornament Kit For Your Family

DIY owl ornament kitSweet DIY Owl Ornament Kit for your familyAs Christmas nears, the weather turns for the worst.  We’ve featured a few on-trend owl ornaments including these brightly colored owl ornaments and this white and gold owl ornament. This kit allows you (and your kids) to make your own DIY owl ornaments.

The kit (found here) was made in the United States and comes with two felting needles, felting wool, and step-by-step directions. Recommended for kids 12 to 110, the kit will take 2-3 hours to make DIY owl ornaments ranging in height from 2-3 inches tall.  Individuals who have used the kit considered it an easy craft.

I recommend picking this up and filling a rainy or snowy days with crafting owl ornaments.

Fun Striped Owl Ornaments

Purple and Pink Striped Owl OrnamentAqua and Green Striped Owl OrnamentWe have featured cloth owl ornaments and white and gold owl ornaments before. These striped owl ornaments are a bit more fun and funky than the owl ornaments we have previously shown.

The owl ornaments were made by artisans in the Andes and made of acrylic, wool, and alpaca. The ornaments (found here) are 2.75 inches in height and come in the following three color combinations:

  • Red and Orange Striped Owl OrnamentPurple and Pink
  • Orange and Red
  • Aqua and Green

Colorful Owl Ornaments

Owl Ornaments

Owl Ornaments

Owl Ornamentowl ornamentIf you want to purchase owl ornaments this year, you have a wide range to choose from. Previously, we wrote about a fun white and gold owl ornament. While these ornaments also portray owls, these ornaments take a much more colorful take.

The ornaments have large eyes and red, brown, or golden yellow feet and feature different fabric patterned bodies beneath calico wings. Each of the ornaments are 3 inches tall and 3 inches wide and are 90% cotton and 10% wool.

White Animal Ornaments

White Animal Ornaments

White Animal Ornaments

These three white animal ornaments may be individually or as a set make a great addition to your Christmas tree this year. All of the ornaments are made of painted aluminium.

White Owl OrnamentWhite Owl Ornament

This small white owl ornament features golden feathers and is 1.75″ tall.

White Penguin OrnamentWhite Penguin Ornament

This white penguin ornament features a bright gold stomach. The ornament is 2″ tall and hangs on a simple silver string.

White Polar Bear OrnamentWhite Polar Bear Ornament

The polar bear ornament is accented by feet slightly dipped into gold paint. The white ornament is short, reaching just 1.5″ in height and hangs on a silver string.