White Collage Unicorn Ornament

White Unicorn Collage Ornament For Christmas TreesHave a child who loves unicorns? Grow up having loved the mythical animals? This white collage unicorn ornament makes a fun option for your Christmas tree.

Made of newspaper, the collage unicorn ornament is primarily white, with a silver horn and black feet. Rather large, the Christmas ornament measures approximately four inches wide by six inches tall.

Glitter Bacon Ornament For Christmas

Gold and Red Glitter Bacon Ornament Last year, I featured a skillet with eggs and bacon ornament and this bacon ornament. This glitter bacon ornament makes another great option for bacon-lovers this holiday season.

The glitter bacon ornament features gold-colored “fat” and red, glitter-y meat. The larger ornament measures approximately 4.5 inches tall. It hangs from your tree on a golden thread.

If you’re struggling to find a bacon-lover a Christmas gift this year, consider this tasty, fun, and glitter-y Christmas ornament featuring their favorite food.

Simple Baby Print Keepsake Ornament

We’ve profiled a baby hand impression ornament kit before. I think baby print keepsake ornaments are a great idea for new moms and dads to make gifts that their family and friends will adore for years.

This baby print keepsake ornament kit allows you to have an ornament measuring approximately 5 inches in diameter for your loved ones.

affordable baby print keepsake ornament kit The baby print keepsake ornament kit includes:
  • Non-plaster impression material
  • A wooden rolling pin
  • A shaping ring
  • Three ribbons (grosgrain)
  • Hole punch

If you’re heading to a baby shower, you may want to add this easy to use kit to your gift– the new mom and dad can use the baby print keepsake ornament kit to capture their newborn baby’s footprint.

DIY Easter Ornament Kit- Makes Chicks And Bunnies

Bunny and Chick Easter Ornaments From Affordable DIY KitThis Easter ornament kit allows you to hang ornaments in your home this spring. The DIY kit makes eight Easter ornaments measuring about 3 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Half of the ornaments look like yellow chicks with adorable orange noses while the other half resemble white bunnies with cute pink noses and white whiskers.

The ornament kit includes:
  • Pre-cut shapes and papers
  • Googly Eyes
  • Wire
  • Twine
  • Templates
Contents of DIY Easter Ornament KitTo make the Easter ornaments you also need:
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • Small glue dots
  • A glue stick

Affordable Pink & Light Blue Macaron Ornaments

Light Blue Icey Macaron OrnamentPreviously, we featured a set of glass macaron ornaments, a very trendy addition to Christmas trees this year. If you are looking for more affordable macaron ornaments to hang on your tree this year, I recommend one (or both!) of these Christmas ornaments.

Bold Pink Macaron OrnamentBoth of these glass ornaments are 2.25 inches tall and hang from a golded cord. While the pink ornament (found here) is a bolder pink, the light blue ornament (found here) is a super light, ice-y blue. The edges of both ornaments are dusted with glitter.

I recommend these ornaments if you want to include on-trend macaron ornaments on your tree without breaking the bank.

Adorable Gift Topper Small Snowman Ornaments

Glass Snowman OrnamentIf you have a small Christmas tree, or want to add extra sparkle to a wrapped Christmas gift, these small snowman ornaments make a fun purchase.

Set of Snowman OrnamentsThe set of small snowman ornaments (found here) includes six 1.75 inch tall baubles. The snowmen are all wearing red scarves and black top hats while holding a green wreath.

The glass ornaments make a strong addition to a small Christmas tree, but might be lost on a larger one.

Nautical Anchor Ornament- Perfect for a Delta Gamma

Nautical Anchor OrnamentIf you’re a Delta Gamma alum, and looking to celebrate your sorority on your Christmas tree, this anchor ornament may be a great purchase. Likewise, if you want an ocean themed tree, it could be paired well with the narwhal ornaments, this faux-scrimshaw whaler’s ornament, and this beautiful octopus ornament.

The anchor ornament (found here) is made of mercury glass. At 4.25 inches tall it will make a beautiful addition to any tree– be that of a yacht owner, an ocean lover, or a Delta Gamma sister.

Cute Small Snow Globe-Like Mason Jar Ornament

Mason Jar Ornament with Christmas Tree InsideWe’ve featured a few ornaments this year including this personalized mini-Starbucks mug and these wine tags that also work as extra decoration on Christmas presents. Likewise, this mason jar ornament works well as a Christmas ornament or extra decor on a gift.

The small affordable mason jar ornament (found here) is 3.5 inches tall. Inside the cute ornament is a very small Christmas tree, making it reminiscent of snow globes.

Tall Goofy Knit Gnome Ornament For Your Tree

knit gnome ornamentEarlier, we featured a kit that allows you to make your own mushroom and gnome ornaments.  If you don’t want to make your own ornaments, consider purchasing this knit gnome ornament.

The six inch tall wool gnome ornament (found here) was hand-crocheted in Peru. The ornaments come in both red and green, but you cannot control the color when ordering them.

Make Your Own Mushroom & Gnome Paper Ornaments!

Mushroom and Gnome Paper Ornament Kit This kit allows you and your children to make twelve mushroom and gnome paper ornaments for your tree.

The kit includes:
  • pre-cut shapes
  • paper for templates
  • baker’s twine
  • stickers
Mushroom and Gnome Ornament Kit ContentsTo make the ornaments you also need:
  • 1/8″ super tape
  • glue stick
  • small glue dots
  • tape
  • scissors
  • 1/4″ hole punch
  • 1/8″ hole punch (optional)

The ornaments that the kid produces range in height from 6 inch tall gnomes to 4.25 inch tall mushrooms.  This kit can make a great rainy (or snowy day) activity for any family or group of friends.