Celebrate Travels With This Fun Camera Ornament

Black Glittered Acceted Glass Camera OrnamentWe’ve featured a few ornaments focused on the Eiffel Tower including this ball ornament and this silver, glittery Eiffel Tower ornament. This camera ornament takes other “take” on the Parisian tourist attraction.

Glass Camera Ornament with Eiffel Tower in ViewerThe ornament (found here) was hand-blown and hand painted prior to being dusted with glitter. The ornament is 2.5 inches in height, so it may be too small to stand out on a bigger Christmas tree, but makes a beautiful addition to a smaller one.

This ornament makes a great gift for a photographer, French or photography teacher, or traveler.

Prior purchasers of this camera ornament have written:

Super cute! I love it! It reminds me everyday of what I love to do!

Celebrate Paris with this France Ornament Set

Paris Ornament SetHaving studied French I positively love ornaments celebrating Paris, including this glittery Eiffel Tower ornament. Another option for those wishing to celebrate the City of Lights is this France ornament set.

The two ornaments in the set (found here) are bound together by a red ribbon, allowing you to hang the pair over a Christmas tree branch. One ornament in the set is a 3.5 inch tall golden Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is connected to a 2.25 inch tall suitcase shaped ornament featuring the same Parisian building.

One purchaser of the France ornament set wrote:

My son and his girlfriend are going to Paris for New Year’s so I thought this would be a perfect gift for her. It’s very sparkly and special and I’m sure she’ll love this keepsake.

Beautiful Sparkled Large Eiffel Tower ornament

Large Eiffel Tower Ornament

We have previously featured another ornament celebrating the Eiffel Tower in Paris. If you want to celebrate Paris is a more bold way on your tree, this large Eiffel Tower ornament may be a terrific addition to your ornament collection.

The glass Eiffel Tower ornament is 7 inches tall and dusted with beautiful silver glitter. With a cost of under $35, this is an affordable ornament compared to many its size.  Prior purchasers unanimously report being happy with the ornament, with one writing:

This is a stunning glass ornament. It is a solid, well sized piece. The sparkle and shimmer is perfect without being tacky. A great addition to any collection and I would recommend to anyone who loves glass ornaments or wants to remember a special trip to Paris.

Eiffel Tower Ornament

Eiffel Tower Globe Ornament

Eiffel Tower Ornament

Do you dream of Paris? Or did you visit the City of Lights and forget to pickup a gift for you friend?  Either way, this globe ornament could be a great addition to any tree, particularly those more classically or whimsically decorated. The Eiffel Tower ornament is 3.5″ in circumference and is complemented by white, glitter-snow-covered trees.