Singing Pickle Ornament- A Fun Take On Tradition

German Christmas traditions include a contest to see who can find the pickle ornament on one’s Christmas tree first.  And thus, we’ve featured a gorgeous classic pickle ornament before. This singing pickle ornament takes a much less traditional take on this game.

Singing Pickle OrnamentThis fun pickle ornament (found here) sings, or yodels, when it detects any motion within 3 feet, so it will make a loud addition to any Christmas tree its on this Christmas.

In addition to its yodeling, the singing pickle ornament is 4.5 inches tall, so it will make a sizable addition to any Christmas tree.

Consider this ornament as a great gag gift for a friend.

NOTE: Batteries are included.

Green Pickle Ornament Perfect For German Traditions

Pickle Ornament

This affordable pickle ornament allows your family to participate in the German tradition of seeing who can be the first to find it in your Christmas tree’s foliage. The ornament is 4.5 inches tall and was hand-painted and hand-blown.  Whether or not you’re German, we recommend buying this ornament (found here) so that you can celebrate this tradition.

Prior purchasers of the pickle ornament have written:

Being of German ancestry, I have wanted a Christmas pickle for a long time. This is just perfect. The pickle is hidden on the tree and the first person to find it wins a special prize. I enjoy having it so much. Thank you for making it available. Merry Christmas To All!

My 70+-year-old glass ornaments now have a new cousin. My trees are pretty full, but there is certainly room for this little addition. Do take one for your tree. It’s never too late for a tradition that brings luck to the house.

This ornament makes me chuckle every time I see it. I don’t know what it is about a pickle on the Xmas tree that brings smiles. Lightens up the holiday mood for sure as the pickle jokes start rolling. It’s lovely. Definitely a must have for holiday survival.