Golden Flying Pig Ornament

Golden Flying Pig OrnamentAt this point, I’ve featured enough flying pig ornaments you might think that I’m planning to have only flying pig ornaments on my own Christmas tree this year. The ornaments have included a fun Betsey Johnson hot pink flying pig ornament, cloth child-friendly fly pig ornaments, and finally a ceramic flying pig ornament. This golden flying pig ornament is another great option for those wishing to argue that pigs really do fly.

The ornament (found here) is 2.5 inches tall and hangs from a Christmas tree on a beautiful white ribbon. The wings on the ornament are wonderfully detailed making it a great addition to one’s tree.

Cute Cloth Flying Pig Ornaments

Light Blue and Pink Cloth Flying Pig OrnamentsWe’ve featured a few ornaments of flying pigs this year, including this ceramic flying pig ornament and this hot pink glass flying pig ornament. These cloth flying pig ornaments take a more demure, child-friendly take on the concept.

At under $10, these polka dot ornaments (found here) are a cute and inexpensive option.

Fun Attention Grabbing Hot Pink Flying Pig Ornament

Betsey Johnson Hot Pink Flying Pig OrnamentThis ornament is… attention grabbing.  We’ve featured a more demure flying pig ornament. While that white ornament works on any tree, this hot pink flying pig ornament only works for the boldest of Christmas celebrators.

The pink flying pig ornament (found here) is 3.5 inches tall including fun, glittery white and silver wings. The pig’s body features silver glitter hearts.

Anyone who likes this ornament may also want to checkout this Betsey Johnson dog ornament and this Hollywood tourist bus ornament.

Pigs Really Do Fly with this Flying Pig Ornament!

flying pig ornamentWe’ve featured another pig, a sparkling crystal covered bauble. While significantly simpler, we feel this flying pig ornament makes a more classic addition to one’s Christmas tree.

The ornament (found here) is approximately 2.5 inches tall and made of porcelain. The flying pig hangs from your tree by a provided golden ribbon.

At under five dollars, this is a fun ornament for decorating Christmas trees or gifts.