Whimsical Reindeer Ornament

Whimsical Reindeer Ornament We’ve featured a few reindeer ornaments previously, including this funky ceramic ball ornament, this LEGO ornament, and a baby’s first Christmas ornament. But, we think that this whimsical reindeer ornament, focused on Rudolph is the most mature and whimsical of the bunch.

The ornament (found here) is four inches tall and crafted by glass artist Bandhu Dunham, a Princeton alum.

Prior purchasers of the whimsical reindeer ornament have written:

We received this as a gift from friends this holiday season. We’re enchanted with the reindeer and in awe of the workmanship. This darling reindeer will give us great pleasure not only this season but for many holiday seasons to come.



Adorable Holiday R2D2 and C-3PO Star Wars Ornaments

Christmas Star Wars OrnamentsEveryone I know has at least one Star Wars lover in their life. These Christmas ornaments make the perfect gift for all of them.

This Star Wars ornament set (found here) includes C-3PO wearing a red and gold striped scarf and carries a blue and green gift. The R2D2 ornament is decked out like a reindeer trimmed with Christmas lights. The ornaments are just under 3 inches tall so they will fit in on any tree.

Young Child Friendly Reindeer DIY Ornament Kit

DIY Reindeer Ornament KitWe have featured a few DIY ornament kits including this DIY felt owl ornament kit and this DIY paper mushroom and gnome kit. This reindeer DIY ornament kit is another great option, particularly for families with younger children.

The kit (found here) includes one 4.5 inch tall reindeer ornaments and three markers (in red, green, and yellow). This affordable kit (costing under two dollars) may be a great purchase for a preschool or anyone running a Christmas party for preschoolers.

Glass Grinch Ornaments

Glass Grinch Ornament SetWorking in a library, I love the opportunity to celebrate books on the Christmas tree. And as How The Grinch Stole Christmas was one of my favorite books as a child, it’s one of my favorites to add to my tree with these glass Grinch ornaments.

The glass ornaments (found here) feature the Grinch and his “reindeer” peeking out of glittery blue ornaments. The ornaments are 3.5 inches tall with a Santa hat and reindeer horns protruding above the ornament.

Fun White Wine Tag Ornament — Great Hostess Gift!

white wine tag ornamentPreviously, we featured another of these wine tag ornaments available at Nordstrom.

This affordable white wine tag ornament (found here) features the Christmas-y saying “be naughty save Santa the trip” on the front.  On the flip side, there is a pattern of white reindeer atTop a red background.

This six inch tall ornament can be used as an ornament, can hang on wine bottle, or can be used to decorate a gift (possibly a bottle of wine for a Christmas party host?)

Funky Photographic White Reindeer Ball Ornament

white reindeer ball ornament

Previously we featured a white ball ornament by Reiko Kaneko. Today, I am happy to review this white reindeer ball ornament by the same designer.

The ornament (found here), featuring a fun photograph of a reindeer (with a particularly large head) was made of china in the United Kingdom.

The ornament is about 3.5 inches tall and costs $30, but ShopBop offers free global shipping, so this ornament may make a great gift for a friend living abroad.

Fun Lego Reindeer Ornament

Lego Reindeer Ornament

Lego lovers of any age will adore this LEGO reindeer ornament. The three inch tall ornament hangs on a beautiful red ribbon accented with a bow. Inside the ornament are all pieces (and instructions) needed to make a cute LEGO reindeer with antlers.

One purchaser of the lego reindeer ornament wrote:

I love this piece. It is super cute and pretty in it’s bauble.I changed its nose to a red one with one of my extras cause I love Rudolph. Definitely keeping it preciously for Christmas!

The ornament (found here) could make a great stocking-stuffer.

Fun & Personalized Reindeer First Christmas Ornament

Reindeer First Christmas OrnamentAccented with a red bow to hang it on your tree, this reindeer first Christmas ornament is a great way to celebrate any child’s first December.

The tile first Christmas ornament (here) can be personalized with a child’s name and is 3 inches in height.