Fun DIY Owl Ornament Kit For Your Family

DIY owl ornament kitSweet DIY Owl Ornament Kit for your familyAs Christmas nears, the weather turns for the worst.  We’ve featured a few on-trend owl ornaments including these brightly colored owl ornaments and this white and gold owl ornament. This kit allows you (and your kids) to make your own DIY owl ornaments.

The kit (found here) was made in the United States and comes with two felting needles, felting wool, and step-by-step directions. Recommended for kids 12 to 110, the kit will take 2-3 hours to make DIY owl ornaments ranging in height from 2-3 inches tall.  Individuals who have used the kit considered it an easy craft.

I recommend picking this up and filling a rainy or snowy days with crafting owl ornaments.