Wonderfully Sparkling Seattle Suitcase Ornament

seattle suitcase ornamentSeattle suitcase ornamentWe’ve featured a number of these suitcase ornaments, as I think they tend to be adorable. Following in its counterparts shoes, the Seattle suitcase ornament fails to disappoint.

The front of the Seattle ornament (found here) features the iconic Space Needle and other Seattle buildings with beautiful Mount Rainier in the background. The back of the ornament features a ferry to Canada with a sunset in the background.

This 3 inch tall glass ornament was dusted with glitter and makes a great gift for anyone who wants to visit Seattle.

One prior purchaser of the Seattle suitcase ornament wrote:

I can’t wait for the next Christmas season to arrive to see what the new ornament city will be! My daughter loves to travel and her tree is adorned with these quality, beautiful ornaments of places she has been.