Fun Skiing & Sledding Wool Penguin Ornaments

Wool Penguin Ornaments

wool penguin ornamentWe have featured a few other penguin ornaments already, including this glittery penguin ornament and ornaments featuring penguins wearing menswear. These penguin ornaments make another great option for any tree.

Skating Wool Penguin Ornament

The skating ornament features a penguin wearing a green and white scarf. The fun ornament (found here) is 3.15 inches tall.

wool skiing ornamentSkiing Wool Penguin Ornament

The skiing themed ornament (here) in this set is just under 3 inches tall at 2.95 inches. The sweet penguin is wearing a green and red scarf.

sledding ornamentSledding Wool Penguin Ornament

This 3.35 inch tall ornament (here) features a penguin wearing a red and white scarf. The penguin rides on a red sled accented with sparkly silver reins.