Snowy Christopher Radko First Home Ornament

Christopher Radko First Home Christmas OrnamentBuying one’s first house is an important milestone in anyone’s life, and a great one to celebrate on a Christmas tree. This Christopher Radko first home ornament is a great way to celebrate this milestone on your Christmas tree this year.

The 6 inch tall glittery glass ornament (found here) features a beautiful home covered in snow, topped with a beautiful wreath and next to a fun snowman.  It is beautiful and was hand-crafted by artisans.

Purchasers of this Christopher Radko first home ornament have written:

I was expecting it to be a little larger, but it is very pretty and detailed. I got it for my husband for Christmas, a tradition from my family. It is a very pretty ornament with lots of details. The glitter seems pretty secure, which I like, so its not coming off on everything around it. The packaging is nice and I suspect it will hold up well to packing away each year. Overall, happy with the purchase.

Snow Globe Santa Ornament Your Kids Will Love

We’ve featured two snow globe ornaments previously– this Parisian snow globe ornament and this mason jar snow globe ornament. This snow globe Santa ornament is another fun option and affordable option if you are looking to include snow globes on your Christmas tree this year.

Snow Globe Santa OrnamentThe 3.5 inch tall glass snow globe ornament (found here) contains Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, snowflakes and more. It can hang on your tree from red ribbon or twine or sit on one’s shelf.

Costing less than $10. this ornament makes a great addition to your Christmas tree.

Classical Snowflake Porcelain Ball Ornament

Taupe Snowflake Porcelain Ball OrnamentThis snowflake porcelain ball ornament (found here) makes a beautiful gift and comes in a lovely gift box. The taupe ornament is three inches tall, so its a height that works on any Christmas tree.

The ornament is based on 18th century designs and comes with a ribbon to hang it on your or a friends’ Christmas tree this winter.

Celebrate Winter With This Guinness Ball Ornament

People drink during the holidays for a variety of reasons. We’ve featured a few alcohol friendly ornaments this winter…. This Guinness ball ornament is another great option if you’re looking to celebrate beer, or other alcohol this Christmas.

Guinness Ball Ornament Featuring the Guinness ToucanThe glass ball ornament (found here) is 3.5 inches in diameter and hangs on a beautiful red ribbon. The bauble features the Guinness Toucan standing atop snow and holding mistletoe in his mouth in a snowstorm. Above him “It’s Guinness Time!” is written.

This ornament comes in a beautiful black box, making it a great gift for a beer lover in your life!