Snowy Christopher Radko First Home Ornament

Christopher Radko First Home Christmas OrnamentBuying one’s first house is an important milestone in anyone’s life, and a great one to celebrate on a Christmas tree. This Christopher Radko first home ornament is a great way to celebrate this milestone on your Christmas tree this year.

The 6 inch tall glittery glass ornament (found here) features a beautiful home covered in snow, topped with a beautiful wreath and next to a fun snowman.  It is beautiful and was hand-crafted by artisans.

Purchasers of this Christopher Radko first home ornament have written:

I was expecting it to be a little larger, but it is very pretty and detailed. I got it for my husband for Christmas, a tradition from my family. It is a very pretty ornament with lots of details. The glitter seems pretty secure, which I like, so its not coming off on everything around it. The packaging is nice and I suspect it will hold up well to packing away each year. Overall, happy with the purchase.

Adorable and Fun Wood Ornament Kit for Kids

Wood Ornament Kit for KidsWe’ve featured a number of kits that allow children to make their own ornaments including this snowflake ornament kit and this owl ornament kit. This wood ornament kit for kids is another choice for your family this year.

The kit (found here) Santa Claus, Angel, and Snowman Shaped Ornaments, artist quality brushes, acrylic paint, stencils, and a painting guide. It is recommend for children six and up!

Personalized Big Sister Ornament With a Snowman

Personalized Big Sister OrnamentEarlier, we featured a cute pregnancy ornament, and we have featured a number of baby’s first Christmas ornaments. This personalized big sister ornament is a great way to celebrate the older sister of a new, or coming baby.

The square ornament (found here) is 4.25 inches tall. Hanging on a pink ribbon, the ceramic ornament can be customized with a name of up to 15 characters underneath the words “Big Sister.”

This ornament makes a terrific gift for a young woman who just became, or is about to become a big sister.

Adorable Snowman Ornament Set

Growing up in California, I loved going to the mountains and making snowmen once or twice a year. This snowman ornament set, made from bells, is a fun addition to a whimsical Christmas tree.

The snowman ornament sets (found here) are 4.25 inches tall and feature spring noses, whimsical hats, and come with a gold string to hang them on your tree.  The ornaments were hand-painted and made from iron bells. The bells had stars punched out of them.

Purchasers of this snowman ornament set have written:

I am a sucker for cute Christmas decorations and these certainly caught my eye!! My grandkids will love the large bells when they see them. Great addition to my decorations.

Adorable Gift Topper Small Snowman Ornaments

Glass Snowman OrnamentIf you have a small Christmas tree, or want to add extra sparkle to a wrapped Christmas gift, these small snowman ornaments make a fun purchase.

Set of Snowman OrnamentsThe set of small snowman ornaments (found here) includes six 1.75 inch tall baubles. The snowmen are all wearing red scarves and black top hats while holding a green wreath.

The glass ornaments make a strong addition to a small Christmas tree, but might be lost on a larger one.

Fun Rams Snowman Ornament for a Football Lover

Rams Snowman OrnamentSt Louis Rams fans will adore this Rams snowman ornament. The ornament is 5.5 inches tall and dressed in a Rams jersey.

The smiling snowman ornament (found here) is officially NFL licensed. It has an easy to use hanging loop and comes is in a nice gift box.

Beautiful 2013 Waterford Snowman Ornament

Waterford Snowman OrnamentWe’ve previously featured a number beautiful pieces by Waterford, including this train set and this New York Times Square New Year’s Eve ball ornament. Another great option for your Christmas tree this year is the 2013 Waterford snowman ornament.

The snowman ornament (found here), featuring a snowman with 2013 written on his hat by a Santa-like figure, is four inches tall and made of beautiful glass crystal.

I recommend this classic ornament for any Christmas tree.

Fun Yet Classic White Snowman Ornament

Reiko Kaneko Snowman OrnamentI have featured two of Japanese designer Reiko Kaneko’s ornaments (including this reindeer ornament) as I find them absolutely adorable. This funky white snowman ornament is no exception.

The snowman ornament (found here) is 4 inches tall and made of fine bone china and two small twigs. The ornament has a golden cap and comes with an S-hook.

Fun Set of Ceramic Christmas Ornaments

Ceramic Christmas Ornaments

Penguin Ceramic Christmas OrnamentWant to decorate your Christmas tree with wintry ornaments your kids will love while sticking to affordable ornaments? If so, I recommend these Christmas ornaments, which cost under $4 each.

Penguin Ceramic Christmas Ornament

This ornament features a penguin wearing a dark rep winter cap.  The handcrafted ornament is 2.25 inches tall and can either hang on your tree or be placed on your mantle as decoration.

Snowman Ceramic Christmas OrnamentSnowman Ceramic Christmas Ornament

Like the penguin ornament, the snowman ornament is 2.25″ tall. It features a snowman wearing a purple scarf and can sit up by itself.

Santa Claus Ceramic Christmas Ornament

This Santa Claus ornament features the iconic Christmas character carrying a green sack. The ornament is the same height as the other ornaments in this collection and makes for a great stocking-stuffer gift.

Elf Ceramic Christmas Ornament

 Elf Ceramic Christmas Ornament

While elves in most stories are short, this elf ornament is just as tall as the Santa Claus ornament at 2.25 inches tall. The elf decked out in a green uniform is smiling, presumably after making gifts for children.