Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stuffed Stocking Ornament

Red Chocolate Pretzel Stuffed Stocking OrnamentWe adore ornaments that can also serve as stocking stuffers. This red chocolate covered pretzel stuffed stocking ornament is one such purchase.

The ornament (found here) is 7 inches tall and comes filled with Godiva chocolate covered pretzels. The red stocking features white snowflakes and gold and silver sequins.

This ornament makes a fun gift for friends or family members.

Nano Ornament– Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer

Nano OrnamentPlease your computer adoring daughter or son with an affordable Nano ornament (found here) this Christmas!

Nano OrnamentWhat’s a Nano? The Nano is a small, collectible, micro robotic creature that uses the physics of vibration to propel forward and explore its environment. It is powered by a tiny motor, and 12 fixed, angular legs, the industrious critter traverses the ground beneath it and quickly navigates through the most complex mazes.

The Nano, which features reindeer antlers and comes inside a ball ornament, making it a great option as a stocking stuffer or ornament.

Cute Philosophy Shower Gel Filled Ornament

Sweets Philosophy Shower Gel Filled OrnamentWe love Philosophy’s products including this lipstick ornament and this cleanser filled bauble. This shower gel filled ornament is no exception.

The ornament (found here) contains samples of twelve Philosophy shower gels:

  • Raspberry Glazed
  • Sweet Fluffy Cupcake
  • Homemade Honey Buns
  • Christmas Cookie
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Pink Almond Candy

Prior purchasers of this shower gel filled ornament by Philosophy have written:

When I saw these I had to have them! What a wonderful little treat to leave in a guest room for your visiting friends and family ….who wouldn’t like a bowl of these to choose from over the holidays? Great idea for as well.
So cute, great idea, different way to present a little gift. Bought 3. Your only going to have one shower with each. So cost wise it’s no good but the novelty for Christmas is great.


Fresh Lip Treatment Ornament

Fresh Lip Treatment Ornament

We’ve featured a few stocking-stuffer ornaments with cosmetics inside including this ornament containing nail polish and this ornament with cleanser inside. This Fresh lip treatment ornament makes another great stocking-stuffer option, and may work better for an older friend or family member.
The lip treatment contained in the tube ornament (found here) topped in red provides SPF 15 coverage and is enriched with sugar, antioxidant-rich oils, and vitamins C and E.
While this is a more expensive option than some other cosmetic ornaments, it will surely please.

Prior purchasers of this lip treatment ornament have written:

I am so glad I was given a sample of this wonderful lip treatment because I’m not sure if I ever would have tried it. This lip treatment is so moisturizing and makes my lips feel so very soft and healthy. I am now a fan of this stuff!


Candy Filled Godiva Shopping Bag Ornament

Gold Godiva Shopping Bag OrnamentWe have featured a few candy filled ornaments this year including this ball ornament filled with gummy bears and this star shaped ornament filled with chocolate. This Godiva shopping bag ornament makes another great option for those looking for candy filled ornament gifts this Christmas.

The golden shopping bag  ornament (found here) contains ten pieces of Belgian milk and dark chocolate to be enjoyed by the gift receiver.

I recommend this ornament as a strong option if you are looking for tasty stocking stuffers.

Philosophy Peppermint Lipbalm Ornament

Philosophy Peppermint Lipbalm Ornament We’ve featured a few cosmetic stocking stuffer ornaments, including nail polish and facial cleanser ornaments. If you are looking for ornaments that double as stocking stuffers (or inexpensive but fun gifts for friends), we recommend this Philosophy peppermint lipbalm ornament.

The lipbalm ornament (found here) contains a .4 ounce container of Philosophy’s moisturizing lipstick. The container is capped with in a scalloped red and hangs on a red and white cord topped with a gift tag.

A Perfect Gift: Philosophy Purity Ornament

Philosophy Purity Ornament This clear Philosophy Purity ornament (found here) is trimmed with a red scalloped cap. It contains a three ounce container of the company’s facial cleanser. The ornament is set up to be a gift with an already made gift tag attached.

Sample reviews of the Philosophy Purity Ornament include:

The Purity Made Simple Ornament made a nice Secret Santa gift. Purity Made Simple can work well as part of a Philosophy Skin care line, and it works well with the different skin line that I’m using. I like thahow it cleans my skin of product, clears my pores and leaves my skin well hydrated. It takes barely a minute, and my skin is clean of surface pollutants and contaminants, all done gently. Purity Made Simple is also good for travel, when I don’t want to tote along a lot of products.
Got this for my daughter for stocking stuffer. She uses the cleanser daily and loves the way it removes makeup without stripping. Bonus: perfect size for carry on luggage when flying.

 I really love the way this cleanser removes not only dirty and oils on my face after a long day, but most of my makeup too! My skin always feels really clean but not stripped of it’s moisture. Really glad I got this little ornament to share with friends, such a cute little stocking stuffer!



Fun Glitter Bobbie Pin Ornament For Your Daughter

glitter bobbie pin ornamentThis bobbie pin ornament will thrill any teenage or preteen girl.

The octagon shaped ornament (found here) contains sixteen bobbie pins in green, purple, pink, and black.

I love these bobby pins as they have sparkle on the purple, pink and green only. The black are PLAIN! I was disappointed because I wanted the black to have some sparkle with the others…..they are ok, would have been much better if they
ALL had glitter like the above description says! I got these mostly because I wanted the glittery black!

Fun Lego Reindeer Ornament

Lego Reindeer Ornament

Lego lovers of any age will adore this LEGO reindeer ornament. The three inch tall ornament hangs on a beautiful red ribbon accented with a bow. Inside the ornament are all pieces (and instructions) needed to make a cute LEGO reindeer with antlers.

One purchaser of the lego reindeer ornament wrote:

I love this piece. It is super cute and pretty in it’s bauble.I changed its nose to a red one with one of my extras cause I love Rudolph. Definitely keeping it preciously for Christmas!

The ornament (found here) could make a great stocking-stuffer.

Great Stocking Stuffer: Makeup Brush Ornament

Silver makeup brush ornamentWe all have a friend who seriously loves makeup. For them, we recommend this makeup brush ornament. The silver ornament (found here) is spotted and includes a makeup brush with a metallic rainbow colored base. This makes a great gift for a female friend or stocking stuffer.

A prior purchaser wrote:

Good quality and convenient size. I especially like that the packaging can be used to continuously store the brush for travel, protecting the bristles. The handle has a good weight to it giving it an expensive feel. It is a decent size. Not big but yet not to small either. The bristles are synthetic and extremely soft.