Giraffe Featuring Africa Safari Christmas Ornament

Africa Safari Christmas OrnamentAre you looking to craft an African safari themed Christmas tree? If so, we’ve already reviewed some ornaments I recommend you grab including this Lion King on Broadway ornament (assuming you have a large tree) and these cute fair-trade African hut ornaments. This Africa safari Christmas ornament makes another beautiful option for someone looking to create a safari on their tree or celebrate a trip to Africa.

African Safari Christmas OrnamentThe Africa safari Christmas ornament (found here) is a beautiful red glass suitcase. It is 2 inches tall and features a giraffe on the front and African huts on the back.

This ornament makes a terrific gift for a friend who always talks about planning a trip to Africa.

Prior purchasers of this Africa safari Christmas ornament have written:

I have been shopping for unique ornaments for my world travel themed Christmas tree. I am picky and did not want tacky, plastic type ornaments for my tree. This is lovely and substantial. It is about 2.5 inches tall, 3.5 inches in length and about an inch in width. The opposite side features Masaai huts. The hand painting and detail is spectacular. I love the glitter too – just the right amount!

Love this ornament! Will be a nice keepsake for our African visit.

Spain Suitcase Ornament For Your Christmas Tree

Spanish suitcase ornamentSpanish suitcase ornamentDid you study abroad in Barcelona while in college?  Visit Seville on your honeymoon? Or do you dream of vacationing in Bilbao? If so, consider buying this Spain suitcase ornament for your Christmas tree to represent your love of Spain.

The Spain themed hand-blown ornament (found here) is three inches tall and was dusted with glitter.

Prior purchasers of this Spain suitcase ornament wrote:

I love this ornament. It is a nice size, good quality. It always reminds me of my honeymoon.
I have been collecting these suitcase ornaments for a few years and they are all just beautiful. Brings back nice memories of trips that my husband and I took. They are well made and the colors of these ornaments are even more beautiful in person.
The ornament was ordered as a gift. When received noticed the beautiful color and good workmanship as with all Nordstrom products. Would highly recommend.

Enjoy a Vacation with this Mexico Suitcase Ornament

Mexico OrnamentCabo San Lucas Rocks on the Mexico Suitcase OrnamentThis Mexico suitcase ornament is a terrific way to remember a vacation to Mexico this Christmas. The front of the ornament features a Mayan pyramid while the back displays rock formations off the coast of Cabo Dan Lucas.

The glass ornament (found here) is nearly 2.5 inches tall and was dusted with glitter to ensure it stands out on your Christmas tree this year and throughout future winters.

Prior purchasers of this Mexico suitcase ornament have written:

This is a delightful addition to my world travel themed Christmas tree. The detail on the hand painting is exquisite. The opposite side features the rock arch formation from Cabo San Lucas. This is quite substantial – about 2.5″ tall, 3.5″ long and 1″ width. This is beautiful!

Vacation to France with a Provence Ornament

Lavender Field Ornament IProvence France Ornamentf you visited southern France this year, have memories of a trip, or want to, then this Provence ornament on your Christmas tree.

The glass ornament (found here) is three inches tall and shaped like a suitcase. The front of the ornament features a scenic view of the French city while the back shows off a local lavender field.

Purchasers of the Provence ornament have written:

I have been shopping for hand blown glass ornaments for my world travel themed Christmas tree. I had never thought to look at Nordstrom – but my search popped up an ornament from them. I thought they were perfect. These are not cheap looking. They are good sized, have just the right amount of glitter and the hand painting is incredible. The lavender field is just beautiful!

Celebrate Paris with this France Ornament Set

Paris Ornament SetHaving studied French I positively love ornaments celebrating Paris, including this glittery Eiffel Tower ornament. Another option for those wishing to celebrate the City of Lights is this France ornament set.

The two ornaments in the set (found here) are bound together by a red ribbon, allowing you to hang the pair over a Christmas tree branch. One ornament in the set is a 3.5 inch tall golden Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is connected to a 2.25 inch tall suitcase shaped ornament featuring the same Parisian building.

One purchaser of the France ornament set wrote:

My son and his girlfriend are going to Paris for New Year’s so I thought this would be a perfect gift for her. It’s very sparkly and special and I’m sure she’ll love this keepsake.

Wonderfully Sparkling Seattle Suitcase Ornament

seattle suitcase ornamentSeattle suitcase ornamentWe’ve featured a number of these suitcase ornaments, as I think they tend to be adorable. Following in its counterparts shoes, the Seattle suitcase ornament fails to disappoint.

The front of the Seattle ornament (found here) features the iconic Space Needle and other Seattle buildings with beautiful Mount Rainier in the background. The back of the ornament features a ferry to Canada with a sunset in the background.

This 3 inch tall glass ornament was dusted with glitter and makes a great gift for anyone who wants to visit Seattle.

One prior purchaser of the Seattle suitcase ornament wrote:

I can’t wait for the next Christmas season to arrive to see what the new ornament city will be! My daughter loves to travel and her tree is adorned with these quality, beautiful ornaments of places she has been.

Sparkled Blue and Gold England Suitcase Ornament

England Suitcase OrnamentEngland Suitcase OrnamentWe’ve featured two great ornaments focused on London, England, a phone booth ornament and a double-decker bus ornament. This England suitcase ornament makes another great option for buying a British-themed ornament.

The glass British ornament (found here) is 3 inches tall and features the London tower and the city’s skyline in addition to a Royal Guard and double-decker bus.

One purchaser wrote about the ornament:

Very beautifully created. Vivid Colors…pleased with the quality.

Delightful Tropical Hawaii Suitcase Ornament

Hawaii Suitcase OrnamentHawaii Suitcase ornamentIf you recently spent a week on Hawaii’s beaches, or dream of doing so, consider purchasing this Hawaii suitcase ornament for your Christmas tree.

The front of the ornament (here) features a Hawaiian island accented with surf boards while the back of the Hawaiian ornament is focused on a bouquet of tropical flowers.

The ornament is 3 inches tall, made of glass, and dusted with glitter. A prior purchaser claimed:

Very nice ornament, looks great on our tree. Reminds us of great vacations

Russia Christmas Ornament

Russia Ornament

Russia Suitcase Ornament

If you traveled to the Former Soviet Union this year or want to go you may consider buying this Russia Suitcase Ornament for your family or friends.  The 2.5″ tall glass ornament focused on Russia’s Red Square, is hand-painted and accented in a variety of colors of glitter.

Russia Christmas Ornament